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Whether you are searching for a free running track in Dublin or other recreational equipment, you’ll find all of it in the architectural city of Dublin.

One quality you can’t take away from Dublin is the presence of several sports facilities.

For one, Dublin is known to offer an extensive variety of athletics facilities. The athletic resources you’ll find there are suitable for both indoor and outdoor sports seasons.

Take a look at the top-rated ones here.


No #1 – Tallaght Athletic Club

At Tallaght Athletic Club, you get outdoor athletics designed on an artificial surface. The club is situated on Greenhills Road.

To locate the venue, look for the Dublin Bus Stop 2603 – Greenhills Road, Bancroft.

The Tallaght Athletics Track is open for hire on a membership basis.


No #2 – Clonliffe Harriers Athletic Club

Located on Swords Road, this athletic club will give you an athletics facility on an outdoor artificial surface.

The Clonliffe Harriers Athletic Club is available for hire on a membership basis.

If you want to access the venue, check for the nearest station – Dublin Bus Stop 1625/ Dublin Bus Stop 1638. You can find these stations at Swords Road, Morton Stadium.


No #3 – Irishtown Stadium

Of course, the Irishtown Sports and Fitness Stadium is in Irishtown, South East Dublin, and it comes with an Artificial Athletics Track.

The Irishtown stadium is known to offer changing facilities, floodlit parking spaces, and a gym, all stationed on an artificial surface.

With a spacious AstroTurf football pitch and a full-size running track, the venue is widely recognized as one of the country’s best athletic facilities.


No #4 – Westmanstown Sports & Conference Center

The Westmanstown Sports & Conference Center is located in Clonsilla, Dublin 15, West Dublin, and is known to offer a wide range of sports facilities open for public hire, whether indoor or outdoor.

If you want an athletics track to hold competitions and classics from time to time, Westmanstown sports center has it.

But that’s not all!

The sports and conference center comes with an 18-hole golf course, an indoor running track, a fully-equipped gym, and a 25m swimming pool.

Westmonstown Center also provides Indoor Hall hire. This way, interested persons can host badminton, basketball, and football tournaments indoors.

For outdoor functions, those interested can book a Rugby pitch, Tennis court, GAA pitch, or Football pitch.

Parking is available, and changing rooms are just 1.6 miles away from the tracks. Have fun!


No #5 – West Wood Health Club

I bet you’re saying – “so many Wests here today.” Well, there’s a reason for it!

Located in West Wood Club, the easiest way to get to the West Wood Health Club is from Dublin Bus 1739 – Clontarf Road DART Station.

This ultra-modern facility provides an indoor athletics track and indoor facilities of different types.

With the West Wood Health Club, you get a fully-equipped gym, a large swimming pool, and all the parking spaces you need.

You can access the venue upon payment as you play regularly. The West Wood Health Club is open on weekdays from 6:00 am – 11:00 pm, and is open on weekends from 8:00 am – 9:00 pm.


No #6 – University College Dublin

If you are looking for a home to sport and leisure, check out the UCD Sport – University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin4.

The venue has an artificial athletics track and a wide range of sporting facilities open for hire. And inside the sports center, you get several sports facilities for hire.

At UCD Sport, you get side astroturf pitches open for booking, a full-size rugby astroturf pitch, an all-weather GAA pitch, and many others.

You can book a sand-based hockey pitch that you can divide into 6 to 7-side football pitches. Also, you can book the water-based pitch and a side astroturf at the National Hockey stadium.

UCD Sports offers a gym and an Olympic-size swimming pool. Parking space, floodlight outdoor pitches, and changing rooms are also available.


No #7 – St. Raphaela’s Secondary School

St. Raphaela’s Secondary School is located on St Raphaela’s Road, South Dublin, this secondary school offers indoor athletics.

You get an athletics track, changing rooms, floodlit tracks, parking spaces, and many other sports facilities open to everyone. Also, the center is open for hire on a pay-as-you-play agreement.


No #8 – Kilbarrack Greendale Athletics Track

Do you need an outdoor athletic track on an artificial surface? The Kilbarrack Greendale is your sure bet.

Located in Foxfield Green, Kilbarrack, Dublin5, this athletic track is open for higher on a free basis. However, you have to pay for the parking space. The closest station to Kilbarrack Greendale is the Kilbarrack DART Station.


No #9 – Morton Stadium, Santry

Check out the Morton Stadium, Santry, at Dublin9, where several national athletic competitions are held. The venue offers users full-size soccer on grass, free gym access, and hosts one of Ireland’s Premier athletics facilities.

The Morton stadium is floodlit, has convenience and changing facilities, has parking on-site services, and can be accessed via public transport without hassles.


No #10 – Donore Harriers Athletics Track

The Donor Harriers track is a full-on athletics track located in Chapelizod Road, Chapelizod, West Dublin.

Known to provide outdoor athletics on an artificial surface, this place is your one-stop for sports functions.

Donor Harriers is open for hire on a membership basis. Also, the venue comes with floodlights, changing rooms, and monetized parking space.

You can access the venue from the nearest station – Dublin Bus Stop 2195, Chapelizod Road, Chapelizod Gate.
Donor Harriers is open every day of the week.


The Takeout

Athletic Tracks Dublin
Andrea Piacquadio at Pexels

I bet there are many athletic tracks in several other towns but not every town can give you 300m or 400m athletic tracks. I guess that’s one of the things that make Dublin stand out in the list of sporty arenas.

It is common to find sports facilities being run by clubs or private companies because councils have little interest or expertise in maintaining sporty elements.

“So don’t fret when you see membership requirements, subscriptions, and price tags on sports facilities. Dublin is not an exception to this reality.”

There you have it! Athletics Tracks Dublin.

There are many more athletic tracks in Dublin beside the ones listed in this article.

Check the FAQs section for more options and similar queries.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Do have a splendid weekend!



Which is the Santry Running Track?

The Santry Running Track is also Morton Stadium, Santry, which I mentioned as No 9 in this guide.

Where can I find a running track near me?

There are different ways to find a running track close to your location. I have three approaches, but I’ll recommended only one for the purpose of this content – Google maps.

Go to the Google maps site and input your current location. Set ‘Running Track’ as your destination and the Maps will automatically display athletic/running tracks within your city.

Also, Google maps will indicate if a sports center or park is open or not.

Is the Tullamore Athletics Track free?

Although not mentioned in this guide, the Tullamore Athletics Track is a top-rated athletic track in Dublin. Tullamore is not free, but it is affordable! You can attract discounts on almost every service offered at the venue.

Has the Tallaght Athletics Track closed?

Known to offer its users efficiency and convenience, the Tallaght Athletics Track is fully functional and continues to deliver quality.