Russian Gymnast Diet

A Russian gymnast diet is the easiest to keep up with if one does it right. Usually, the diet centers around eating a chunk of fruit and a slice of bread.

Weight is a crucial factor in gymnastics because maintaining the center of gravity requires balance. And Mass sustains Balance. So we can say – the heavier, the better, but not too heavy.

However, the Russian Gymnast Diet is quite different. Instead of gaining weight and muscle, the diet aims at shedding muscle and fat.

The requirements for gymnastics are fairly the same in every country. Nonetheless, each country will have standards that are peculiar to them. These standards include; the average weight of their gymnasts.

Russian Gymnast Diet, Russian Athlete Diet, or whatever you call it. Let’s get into it!


What Is the Russian Gymnast Diet?

Discovered by Irina Tschachina, Russian Olympic silver medalist, the Russian Gymnast Diet is based on low calories and is easy to follow. Also, the diet claims to shed weight quickly.

Irina Tschachina is proof of the effectiveness of the diet, as she weighs only 99 pounds with a height of 5’6″. Some gymnasts have claimed that the diet works wonders for them too.

Many people are interested in the Russian diet to lose weight. They want to know if the Russian diet to lose weight works.

Well, let’s take a look at why the diet is the talk of the town:


  • It is known to shed off 4 pounds per week with proper commitment
  • It is easy to follow
  • The diet is low in calories


Recent studies reveal that the Russian diet may be associated with eating disorders among rhythmic gymnasts

  • You could get very hungry often
  • It makes you dehydrated because you take little fluid for the whole day
  • The diet is fruit-based, so you get few calories and lots of sugar to expel body fats and muscle.
  • Your body needs fat, minerals, and protein to function, so this diet is generally harmful.
  • The diet is only suitable for gymnasts, because of the mass control and balance involved in gymnastics.

Here’s the Russian Gymnast Diet that passes off as the Yana Kudryavtseva Diet or Rhythmic Gymnast Diet:

Meal Plan One

Breakfast –

  • A glass of apple or orange juice

Lunch –

  • A glass of fruit juice made with peeled apples, pineapple, orange, or kiwi fruit
  • A plate of fruit Salad made with any of the above fruits

Dinner –

  • Green apple
  • One glass of non-carbonated water


Meal Plan Two

Breakfast –

Tea or coffee

Lunch –

Apple (medium)

Dinner –

Apple (medium)


Rhythmic Gymnast Diet

A rhythmic gymnast’s diet is identical to the Russian Gymnast’s Diet.
Using Yana Kudryavtseva Diet as a case study, we can say the diet does what it claims – weight loss.

When we say Yana Kudryavtseva Diet, we are talking about the dieting and nutrition of the Russian rhythmic gymnast, Yana Kudryavtseva. So you can regard her diet as an ideal rhythmic gymnast diet.

Yana Kudryavtseva is said to have suffered from eating disorders alongside rhythmic gymnasts, Aleksandra Soldatova and Olatz Rodríguez.

These gymnastics stars are known to follow the Rhythmic Gymnast Diet. Reports show that they are still recovering from anorexia. Many suspect the cause to be constant stretching and diet restriction.


Russian Gymnast Diet
Athlete Diet

The Russian Gymnast Diet could be anything between 250 to 350 calories daily. If you follow it, you may feel weak often, so exercise with caution.

The Russian Athlete Diet could be detrimental to health if used often. So consult your physician before going for it.

You can prep your meals to last for a week so it becomes easier to grab and go about your business.