What Do Gymnasts Wear Under Their Leotards?

If you’ve ever watched a gymnastics competition, you may have found yourself wondering what gymnasts wear underneath their leotards. Are there any secrets or specific reasons behind their choices? In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating world of gymnastics apparel, exploring what gymnasts commonly wear beneath their leotards, the reasons behind their choices, and the importance of comfort and functionality. So, let’s jump right into it and uncover the mysteries behind what gymnasts wear under their leotards!

What do gymnasts wear under their leotards?

1. Undergarments for modesty

When it comes to gymnastics competitions or training sessions, modesty is an essential consideration. Many gymnasts choose to wear undergarments for extra coverage when performing complex routines or while their leotard may be prone to shifting during specific elements. Common undergarments include sports bras, briefs, or dance shorts that match the color of their leotard. These undergarments aim to maintain modesty, as well as prevent any wardrobe malfunctions that could occur during intense routines.

2. Safety and Comfort

In addition to modesty, safety and comfort are paramount for gymnasts during their performances. Under their leotards, gymnasts often wear compression shorts or briefs, providing an extra layer of protection and support. These garments help prevent any skin irritation that may arise from friction or excessive movement during routines. Compression shorts or briefs are typically made of breathable and stretchable materials, allowing gymnasts to move freely while providing essential support to their muscles.

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3. Dance Belt for male gymnasts

Male gymnasts also have specific undergarments they wear under their leotards. One such example is the dance belt, which combines both support and modesty for male performers. A dance belt is a specialized undergarment designed to provide extra support and uplift for male gymnasts. By keeping everything in place, the dance belt helps male gymnasts stay comfortable during their routines while maintaining proper posture and achieving a polished overall appearance.

4. Tights and Leggings

Another common garment that gymnasts wear beneath their leotards is tights or leggings. These garments provide an additional layer of warmth and support, particularly during colder training sessions or competitions held in chilly venues. Tights and leggings are typically made of stretchable materials that allow for a full range of motion while providing muscle compression and support. They can also help reduce muscle fatigue and aid in muscle recovery post-performance.

5. Personal Preferences and Traditions

It is important to note that not all gymnasts wear the same undergarments. Personal preferences, traditions, and even cultural factors play a role in the choices made by gymnasts. Some prefer to wear specific brands or styles of undergarments that offer superior comfort or support. Others may follow the traditions and practices of their training institutions or national teams. These personal preferences and cultural influences contribute to the diversity seen in gymnastics attire, highlighting the individuality within the sport.


What gymnasts wear under their leotards serves multiple purposes, including modesty, safety, and comfort. From compression shorts and briefs to sports bras, dance belts, and tights, gymnastics attire is designed to support the athletes and facilitate their peak performance. Each gymnast may have their own unique preferences, but the underlying focus remains the same – to ensure maximum comfort, functionality, and confidence while performing complex routines.
Understanding the reasons behind these choices allows us to appreciate the thought and care that go into every aspect of a gymnast’s outfit. So, the next time you watch a gymnastics competition, you’ll have a better understanding and appreciation for what lies beneath those dazzling leotards!