Do Gymnasts Wear Tights? (2024)

It isn’t much of a secret that gymnasts wear tights, even though many articles you will see paint it to be some secret that needs unravelling. Honestly, it’s not intriguing. There is no secret world surrounding tights in gymnastics because gymnasts wear tights, even though tights are not a Model Dress Code for Gymnasts.

In gymnastics, clothing is crucial because it determines –

  • How often a gymnast trains
  • How well a gymnast will push their body’s flexibility to the limit
  • The level of self-confidence gymnasts feel during performances
  • How self-aware gymnasts will be

All these factors are dependent on the comfort and strength of the Gymnast’s attire. Tights can serve a few of these functions, but not all. On the other hand, Leotards and Unitards can serve all the functions for Gymnasts. As a result, they are the recommended dress code for all gymnasts.

Are Tights Accepted Clothing For Gymnastics?

Tights can work for Gymnastics training sessions, but they are a no-no for major performances and competitions. No coach will penalize you for wearing tights to your gymnastics class, especially when you are in training. But judges can penalize you for wearing tights with footing to perform in a competition.

In some cases, no one will grant you a podium to perform in Footed Tights in the first place. However, Footless Tights may be pardoned. Over the years, women gymnasts have expressed their concerns about their costumes, Leotards particularly. With claims that Leos aren’t the most decent of clothing. Thanks to their concerns, Unitards exist!

We can say that tights and leggings are permitted, but leotards and bare legs have been a long-standing tradition in Gymnastics to reflect the freedom of movement and body form. And we know that long-standing traditions don’t change easily.

As a result, some competitions may allow gymnasts to perform in tights while others won’t. Clothing like tights and socks is inappropriate for gymnastics because they can be slippery. Footless Tights, Unitards, and Leggings are alright.

Tights are not ‘proper’ for gymnastics because they have been recorded in the past to cling onto gym equipment, distracting gymnasts. And we all know that focus is crucial in Gymnastics.

What Do Gymnasts Wear Under Their Leotards?

Some female gymnasts wear a sports bra for chest support, while others go commando – they wear nothing. Gymnasts that don’t wear anything under their leotards usually do so because they don’t want to have their points deducted.

In Gymnastics Competitions, judges can deduct marks from Gymnasts’ performances if they spot any inner wear bulge out of a gymnast’s leotard, no matter how excellently the Gymnasts perform. Most Gymnasts use adhesive spray to hold their inner wear in place to avoid losing points.

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Why Leotards Are A Thing In Gymnastics:

There is a general sports legislation that allows only Slightly Restricted Clothing Taste for females. Many gymnastics competitions won’t accommodate full-length unitards, and the leotards must be hip-length or above it. Tights are out of the question.

The reason provided for this decision is that little coverage allows for better movement. Males on the other hand get to wear long gymnastics pants and shorts with Leotards. Recent findings have shown that some women’s teams get access to custom undergarments to wear under their competition Leotards, but men don’t get to wear anything under their competition tops.

While it’s not clear if this implies that the men are usually naked. Our guess is that most of them wear fitted briefs under their Leos. Contrarily, we see most male gymnasts wear long gymnastics pants under their Leotards during competitions and training. Surely, this serves as proof that male gymnasts don’t go naked under their Leos.

New Changes For Gymnastics Attire?

Today, gymnasts can wear their preferred uniform to compete, as long as it makes them feel comfortable. The accepted attire for this purpose is Leotards, Unitards, and Long Gymnastics Pants for men.

According to the Reuters in an interview with Kim Bui, a 32-year-old German Olympics gymnast, she confirmed that Gymnasts train in tights, and they are used to the feeling. She also said training in a tight isn’t that different from competitions, and that’s the most important thing.

Side Note

Many people join gymnastics simply for fun. People in this category can be safely called adrenaline enthusiasts. They love the thrill that comes with being thrown in the air. For them, sports is about excitement and not necessarily performing at a national or professional level.

But it’s not common to see people join gymnastics for the freedom of clothing because there’s no complete freedom regarding gymnastics attires, especially for female gymnasts.


Do gymnasts wear tights
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Gymnastics is a major sport in the Olympics. Kids as young as five can sign up for gymnastics, and by the time they reach age 16, they will be at their peak in the sports and probably retire in their twenties.

Many girls sign up for gymnastics because it is an intriguing sport. But that’s not the only thing that makes gymnastics attractive. Gymnastics has a dress code that can be termed, specific. As a result, Gymnast Aspirants have a definite idea of what to expect in the Clothing Category.

So to the question – do gymnasts wear tights? Yes, they certainly do but tights are not a standard dress code for Gymnastics.

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1. Are tights accepted clothing for gymnastics?

Tights can be worn for training sessions, but they are not recommended for major performances or competitions. Wearing tights with footing may result in penalties from judges.

2. What do gymnasts wear under their leotards?

Some gymnasts wear a sports bra for chest support, while others choose to go commando and wear nothing. Gymnasts who wear nothing under their leotards often use adhesive spray to hold their inner wear in place to avoid losing points.

3. Why are leotards a thing in gymnastics?

Leotards are a traditional attire in gymnastics that provide freedom of movement. They are required in competitions, while tights are considered inappropriate due to their slippery nature and tendency to cling onto gym equipment.

4. Are there any new changes for gymnastics attire in 2024?

Gymnasts can now wear their preferred uniform as long as it makes them feel comfortable. Accepted attire includes leotards, unitards, and long gymnastics pants for men.

5. Can gymnasts join for fun without the restrictions on attire?

While some people may join gymnastics for fun and excitement, the sport still has specific dress code requirements, especially for female gymnasts. Complete freedom in clothing choice is not common in gymnastics.