Dave Jacobs Superhuman Athlete Net Worth

Here we are, still dwelling on the mentor-mentee gymnastics series, only that we will be talking about Dave Jacobs Gymnastics today.

Born March 3, 1942, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States, the story of this retired American trampoline gymnast, David Jacobs, will inspire you.

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Dave Jacobs 

Dave Jacobs is an iconic name tagged with the 1967 4th World Trampoline. The 3-time-nationals legend is widely-recognized for winning many top-level trampolining medals in the 1960s.

But that’s not all we have for Dave Jacobs Gymnastics –

Jacobs finalized a four-year career for the Huskers in 2012, by participating in nine throughout the season. Also, he competed at the championships hosted by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) in 1964, finishing as the second runner-up.

At the time, Dave started a working relationship with Eddie Cole. But he didn’t stop there!

Ever stumbled upon the 1966 Trampoline World Championships (TWC)?

Yep, that one!

Dave Jacobs bagged the trampoline title of that championship. He won the title with Wayne Miller, his colleague.

Here’s a list of some of Jacob’s milestones for Men’s trampoline gymnastics as a representative of the United States in the World Championships.

  • 1966 Lafayette, Tumbling Routine, Silver medal – 2nd place
  • 1966 Lafayette, Synchro, Gold medal – first place
  • 1967 London, Individual, Gold medal – first place
  • 1968 Amersfoort, Individual, Gold medal – first place

Now, that’s a pretty remarkable medal record if you ask me!

Is Dave Jacobs still alive?

Dave Jacobs, who also goes by the title – David Jacobs Superhuman Athlete, is very much alive and still surprises us with his iconic appearances, just like when he unintentionally showed up on the reality TV series, Impractical Jokers.

What episode is Dave Jacobs in?

If you watched the episode of Impractical Jokers – Irritable Vowel Syndrome, aired in 2019, you must have noticed Dave buying things at a Fairway market, when he bumped into the comedian, Brian Quinn, while he was staging a performance for the show.

Brian started a conversation with the then 77-year-old Dave Jacobs, where Dave said he was a Superhuman Athlete.

Also, we saw the other crew members walk up to Dave, pretending to be Fans, and taking a picture with him.

So next time you hear someone ask, Who is the superhuman athlete? You know the man – Dave Jacobs!


Dave Jacobs Now

Dave Jacobs continues to stand at an average height. He seems tall in his photos compared to his surroundings, but his age has had a lot of impact on his height.

Nonetheless, complete information about his actual height and other body measurements are unavailable to the public.

All we know about Dave’s education is that he is an Alumni of the University of Michigan. Information about his qualifications has not been made public.


Dave Jacobs Age

Dave Jacobs clocked 80 years old on March 2, 2022, as the iconic gymnast was born on March 3, 1942.

Details about Jacobs’s family are not very clear. However, we know that he was born to Careta (née Aschenbach) and her husband in 1942.

In 1957, Jacobs’s family relocated to Amarillo, Texas, and in 1965, they relocated back to Sheboygan.

Also, Dave was associated with Nard’s trampoline club in Texas while he was a sophomore.

David Jacobs Gymnastics: His Education

David went to the University of Michigan in the 1960s. But he hasn’t publicized details about his qualifications. Nevertheless, there’s more to see! Check out Jacobs’s impressive net worth below.

Dave Jacobs Superhuman Athlete Net Worth

As of April 2022, Dave Jacobs has a net worth of at least $1 Million. This is not a surprise as Dave has competed in several World Level Gymnastics Championships and runs other businesses when he is not doing sports.

What we learn from Dave Jacobs Gymnastics

Dave Jacobs Superhuman Athlete Net Worth

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With consistency, diligence, and immense hard work, Dave called the shots in the discipline of trampoline gymnastics, and he remains an icon people will continue to look up to. That’s it for Dave Jacobs Gymnastics.

I hope you had a wonderful time. See you soon!