How You Can Become A Flow State Superhuman Athlete

Superhuman Athlete

There’s no single path to becoming a superhuman athlete, more or less, using the flow state strategy. It’s a combination of support, genetics, and rigorous training. Similar to several other skills, it takes practice. One thing that makes it difficult is that there are no clear markers for what makes someone an “Athlete.” But there … Read more

Dave Jacobs Impractical Jokers

Dave Jacobs Superhuman

If you stumbled across the mentor-mentee series where we talked about Dave Jacobs Gymnastics, you’ll see that the retired American trampoline gymnast is known for many iconic feats besides being a world renowned athlete. Born on March 3, 1942, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States, the story of Dave Jacob’s rise to stardom is one you can … Read more