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Golf has long been considered a traditional and serious sport, but what if there was a brand that injected some much-needed humor into the golfing world? That’s where St Andre Golf comes in. Founded by Aaron Chewning, St Andre Golf is a comedic golf brand that combines sketch comedy with dive bar-inspired merchandise. With a small cast of brilliant comedians, St Andre Golf has become a leading content creator in the golfing space, creating funny sketches that parody every aspect of the sport. In this article, we will dive into the world of St Andre Golf, exploring its origins, cast members, social media presence, and more.

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St Andre Golf and what it's about

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What is St Andre Golf?

St Andre Golf is an Atlanta-based sketch comedy group that consists of golf-loving comedians and actors. Aaron Chewning, the founder of St Andre Golf, launched the brand as a way to bring comedic content and unique merchandise to the world of golf. The brand takes a lighthearted approach to the sport, satirizing various aspects of golf culture in their well-produced, short-form sketch comedy videos. From music videos about craving hot dogs to tense banters between intense men in uniform and beer-stealing golfers, St Andre Golf leaves no topic untouched.

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St Andre Golf Wiki

St Andre Golf may be a relatively new brand coming onto the screens in 2022, but it has quickly made a name for itself in the golfing world. The brand’s focus on comedy combined with its high-quality production values has helped it to stand out amidst the sea of golf-related content on social media. With a rapidly growing following, St Andre Golf has cemented its place as one of the hottest new social media channels.

St Andre Golf and What It’s About

St Andre Golf is all about bringing humor and entertainment to the golfing community. The brand works closely with its production partners and a small cast of brilliant comedians to create funny and often out-there sketches centered around golf. By tackling various topics related to the sport in a comedic manner, St Andre Golf provides a fresh and enjoyable perspective for both golf enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. Their content can be found on all major social media platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, where they go by the handle @StAndreGolf.

Where is St Andre Golf Filmed?

St Andre Golf is primarily filmed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The picturesque golf courses and beautiful landscapes of Myrtle Beach serve as the backdrop for many of their sketches. The brand takes advantage of the scenic location to enhance the visual appeal of their videos while infusing them with their signature comedic style.

St Andre Golf Cast Members

The cast of St Andre Golf consists of talented comedians and actors who bring their unique personalities and comedic chops to the sketches. Let’s take a look at some of the key cast members:

1. Aaron Chewning – Founder of St Andre Golf

Aaron Chewning is the mastermind behind St Andre Golf. As the founder of the brand, he is responsible for shaping its comedic vision and overseeing its operations. With his wit and creativity, Chewning has played a pivotal role in establishing St Andre Golf as a leading comedy brand in the golfing community.

2. Jonathan Pawlowski – Golf Clown

Jonathan Pawlowski is a member of the St Andre Golf cast known for his hilarious portrayals of a golf clown. He brings energy and humor to the sketches, often using physical comedy to generate laughs. Pawlowski’s performances add a unique element to St Andre Golf’s comedic style.

3. Hannah Aslesen – The Only Woman

Hannah Aslesen is the only female cast member of St Andre Golf. Her presence brings diversity and a fresh perspective to the sketches. Aslesen’s comedic timing and delivery add an extra layer of humor to the brand, showcasing the talent and inclusivity of St Andre Golf.

4. Robby Ayala – Better Than Aaron at the Simulator

Robby Ayala is another standout cast member of St Andre Golf. He is known for his role as the golfer who is better than Aaron at the simulator. Ayala’s comedic chemistry with the rest of the cast and his ability to deliver hilarious lines make him a valuable asset to St Andre Golf.

St Andre Golf YouTube

St Andre Golf’s YouTube channel is a hub for their comedic golf content. On their channel, viewers can find a wide range of sketches, music videos, and behind-the-scenes footage. The channel is regularly updated with new content, ensuring that fans of St Andre Golf always have something to look forward to. With its entertaining and well-produced videos, the St Andre Golf YouTube channel has become a go-to destination for golf enthusiasts and comedy lovers alike.

St Andre Golf Instagram

St Andre Golf also has a strong presence on Instagram, where they share highlights from their sketches, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and interact with their fans. Their Instagram account, @StAndreGolf, serves as a platform for connecting with their audience and showcasing their unique brand of humor. Fans can stay updated on the latest developments from St Andre Golf by following them on Instagram.


St Andre Golf has successfully carved out its niche in the golfing world by infusing humor and satire into a sport that is often seen as serious and traditional. The brand’s comedic sketches, well-produced videos, and talented cast members have garnered them a dedicated following on social media.

As St Andre Golf continues to release entertaining content, they are sure to solidify their position as one of the leading comedy brands in the golfing landscape. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or simply appreciate a good laugh, St Andre Golf is definitely worth checking out. So grab your clubs, kick back, and enjoy the hilarious world of St Andre Golf.