Will Tiger Woods Play Golf Again?

We saw Tiger Woods go back to hosting his Hero World Challenge golf tournament in the Bahamas and he held his first press conference since the car crash that hospitalized him back in February 2021.

Tiger was also seen speaking out in the interview with the Golf Digest saying that he hopes to return to the sport but doesn’t expect to complete full-time. He said he had experienced some tough days and it was really hard for him as a result of the many setbacks he was facing at the time.

Remember that this interview just nine months after the devastating car crash. We saw the Golf legend, Tiger Woods, sit down with Golf Digest and he candidly detailed his journey to recovery.

He described his recovery experience as one of those times where you’d wish you could do everything you used to, only that you’re not quite there yet. Tiger Woods suffered an open fracture to his shin that shattered his right leg. For a while, he felt like he would never walk the same way again, let alone play golf.


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Will Tiger Woods Play Again? | The Backstory

Woods admitted to missing being a competitor while in the hospital bed. Speaking further, he revealed that his competitive spirit coupled with the wise words from his Dad, helped him to stay present during the rehab process.

We can all attest to this fact especially as he was always posting about how he was making progress on his recovery on his Instagram page during the period of his rehab.

For Tiger Woods, nine months of rehabilitation was nine months of hell. But he said to himself that if he could repeat those two to three hours at a time, he’d be up and running before he knew it. Over and over again, Woods has admitted that what would add up as was one of his greatest motivators to recover was his son Charlie.

Tiger Woods and his son spent rehab time bonding. They would basically go out there, and play like 54 holes and learn so many other things about different hits and how to make different shots.

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Will Tiger Woods Eventually Play Golf Again?

As to the question of whether Tiger Woods will play golf again, the decision all boils down to how much patience he has, and we all know Tiger Woods for the abundance of patience and incredible strength he has.

We have seen Tiger bounce back from many serious injuries in the past during his days of being a full-time golfer, and it is really realistic to think he’d consider playing full-time again.

Tiger Woods spoke with ABC News Reporters in November 2021 during his first press conference since the car crash back in February 2021 that shattered his leg and sidelined him from the game. An ABC News contributor and USA Today columnist, Christine Brennan, gave her take on Tiger Woods breaking his silence.

ABC Contributor Christian Brennan has known Tiger Woods for a pretty long time and he has never been a quitter. Even after the car crash it seemed he wasn’t willing to quit, seeing how he doesn’t give up easily. Yet, many believe his body must have been talking to him, and probably given him the go ahead.


“In the update Christine confirmed that Tiger Woods has expressed interest in playing golf again, and he’s hoping to cherry-pick a few tournaments.”


Will Tiger Woods Play Golf Again
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In the press conference, Tiger Woods opened up about a pain in his back with claims that it’s not great to feel such as a professional golfer if you want to be at the top of your game. But it’s been two years now, and we are looking forward to seeing Tiger Woods ace new feats.


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