Garrett Clark Golf

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Garrett whom you may already know under the title of GM Golf is a professional YouTube Golfer, and the founder of Good Good Golf, a brand committed to offering golf enthusiasts different resources they can leverage to improve their game.

But the professional YouTube Golfer is recognized for more!

On Good Good’s first welcome podcast aired the last year 2021, the Good Good Golf members talked about many things, but the podcast focused on how Good Good Golf started. All members of the Good Good Crew narrated their experiences in their golf journey. Also, they shared their respective ordeals before joining the team.

Notwithstanding, today’s discussion will center on the convener of the GG Squad – Garrett, also recognized by the title, Garrett Clark Golf, or GM Golf.


Garrett Clark Golf | Where It All Started

While the Good Good Golf Guys were still gathered for the round table discussion, Micah mentioned how the members thought that kicking off from where everyone started as a team would be the best topic for the first episode of the Good Good podcast. He said Garrett conceived and founded Good Good. I made reference to this in a prior article – Good Good Golf Members.

Garrett said before YouTube, the Good Good guys were involved with the GM Golf Instagram where they uploaded trick shots often. To help GM Golf thrive, the guys posted clips about golf trick shots and tried to engage their followers. Fast-forward to two years after, Good Good Golf started a YouTube channel.


Where Is Garrett Clark From?

The Pro YouTube Golfer under the title of GM_Golf is from Kansas City, Missouri. As a child, he was a passionate fan of the Bryan Bros. He said in one of the Good Good podcasts titled – How it Started, that he had always wanted to become a YouTuber and have a YouTube Channel named after him. He also mentioned that he started filming videos at the age of 9.


How Old Is Garrett Clark?

Garrett Clark was born on April 8, 2000. Hence, as of 2022, the golfer is 22years old.


How Tall Is Garrett Clark?

Clark stands at 6ft, 4 inches tall.


How Much Does Garrett Clark Weigh?

As of 2022, Garrett Clark weighs 62kg. However, this figure is susceptible to change in the nearest future.


Where Does Garrett Clark Live?

Garrett Clark Garrett hails from Kansas, United States, where he still resides.


How Much Money Does Garrett Clark Make?

With an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2022, Garrett Clark makes an average of $268,337 monthly.


CEO of Good Good Golf

Many questions have been popping up about who the CEO of Good Good Golf is. The CEO of Good Good Golf is Mr. Matt Kendrick. The Good Good Golf Guys mentioned this in September 2022, during one of their podcasts titled – Meet Good Good’s CEO.


Will Garrett Clark Go Pro?

Hasn’t he already? If by a pro, you mean based on the written but partially accepted requirements for a professional tour golfer, then maybe he hasn’t. But there’s no reason why he wouldn’t go pro sooner or later. It’s no secret that Good Good Golf started as a long-aspired hobby. But over time, this simple dream flourished and expanded to become a movement that the realm of professional golf can reckon with.




Garrett Clark Golf
Private golf club

This year, in May 2022, on Garrett Clark Vlogs, we saw Garrett gifting his parents a massive check of $100,000 to appreciate them for all they have done. It’s been 9 years since Garrett Clark conceived and launched his channel, GM_Golf, which is nearing 1M subscribers! Garrett’s journey with gm_golf only proves that hard work takes you where you want to go.

Also worthy of applause is Garrett’s commitment and drive to not only strengthen his own skills, but his decision to allow others to learn from him – improving their swing and putting their mousetrap skills. There’s no doubt that Garrett Clark Golf will continue to grow as a brand, movement, and more.

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Garrett Clark Golf – FAQs

Does Garrett Clark have a girlfriend?

Garrett has purposefully resolved to keep his love life private. As a result, he has not disclosed whether he has a girlfriend or not, nor has he thrown a hint on the subject on any of his social media accounts. In place of this, we can only assume that he is fully-concerned about growing his career, and his relationship status is relatively Single.

Does Garrett Clark have a GF?

If by GF you mean the female folks Garrett Clark hangs out with while on the course, then he has a couple. For one, we know that the Golf Player, Lucy Ribson, and Garrett Clark have been pals since way back, and they have both accumulated thousands of followers on Instagram.

Is Garrett Clark dating Claire Hogle?

Claire Hogle who has recently been making waves on YouTube and Instagram for her golf expeditions has been caught up in controversies surrounding her relationship with Garrett. Apart from different TikTok tags attributed to Garrett and Claire, neither golfer has admitted to having any personal relationship in real life.

Is Garrett Clark Married?

No, Garrett Clark is not married.

Is Garrett Clark Single?

Yes, Garrett Clark is single, as he is not married, and hasn’t publicly declared being in a relationship with anyone.

Does Garrett Clark Drink?

It is not known whether Garrett Clark drinks alcohol, but we do know that he can drink a whole gallon of water on the course because he has done it before. Garrett also goes to the gym often.

Does Garrett Clark have a brother?

Garrett hasn’t shared much information about his personal family life or siblings, but we know that he has a cousin, Micah Morris.