Why Did The Golfer Wear Two Pairs Of Pants?

Clothing is crucial for golfers because golfers are people and people need Clothing.

Sometimes the clothing you wear can do as much as conserving the amount of sunblock you’ll need.

Let’s put it this way–

A clothed golfer won’t need as much sunscreen as a naked golfer. Now, we’re not talking about feeling the breeze. We are talking about being the breeze.

In sports, there’s what we call Backup Clothing.

Wearing two pairs of pants to play golf easily falls into the category of Backup Clothing.


Why Did The Golfer Wear Two Pairs Of Pants Answer

why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants answer
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There are several reasons why golfers might choose to wear two pants, and we’re about to find out.


1. In case he gets a hole in one of them

Before now, I bet you’ve heard jokes like, ‘the golfer wore two pants in case he’s got a hole in one.

Well, news flash!

The above phrase is more than a joke because a major reason a golfer would wear two pants is the safety factor – in case he gets a hole in one of them.

You can see it from the perspective of, bringing some tissues with you in case you get some bogies.

I guess there’s just this feeling of security a golfer gets from wearing two pairs of pants.

Some golfers have somehow managed to attract holes to most of their pants. So if a golfer wears two pairs of pants with holes, it’s as good as wearing no pants.
I urge you therefore, to not be this kind of golfer.


2. In case he loses his ball in the water and has to swim to retrieve it

Now, this one is a valid reason to carry an extra pair of pants with you on your golfing adventure. I call it the Fear Factor because it isn’t a reason most golfers live by but it is a reason common among parents.

When golfing, an extra pair of pants will help in case you get wet while retrieving a ball.


3. He’s the guy who likes to have spare items handy just in case

I am not implying that this has to be a reason golfers wear two pairs of pants, but you’ll agree with me when I say there’s just something about golfing that requires extra pants.

This ‘Just In Case Trait’ is common with parents. When I say parents, I mean parents that golf.

Most of the overly sensitive, conscious, and careful folks you’ll meet on the course are parents. So don’t be surprised if you find many of them wearing an extra pair of something.


4. He anticipates exerting himself more than usual and wants clean pants after his round

A golfer who wants to stay clean and organized even after an intense game will take an extra pair of pants.

Extra-clothing will make the golfer remain organized after several rounds. So wearing two pairs of pants helps him stay organized and keep his belongings safe.


5. Wearing two pairs of pants provides extra insulation against the cold weather

If it rains and everyone else gets wet, the golfer with an extra pair of pants won’t get wet. If he does get wet in other parts of his body, his feet will stay dry.

Also, when the temperature outside is freezing, an extra layer of pants can help to keep the golfer warm.

Now, you can see that a golfer with two pairs of pants will stay comfortable in cold weather.


6. He needs an extra layer of protection from the sun

Wearing two pairs of pants protects anyone from exposure to the sun and other seemingly harsh elements. I guess this is one of the reasons a golfer would take extra-pants.

A golfer who wears backup pants will always have a competitive advantage over his peers because he won’t be too hot or cold.

7. One pair is too small or big

I don’t know why anyone will knowingly wear pants that are too small or too big, just to wear another pair of pants over it. Nonetheless, I would say this is a valid reason.

You can look at it from another angle. Maybe one pair of pants is too dirty and the other pair is quite presentable, so the golfer decides to wear both.



Whether you are wearing an extra pair of pants or taking an extra pair of socks for your golfing expedition, always consider the Matchable Factor.

What I’m saying is that, your extra-pants or socks should match your outfit the way your main pants and socks do.

Also, ensure your extra clothing doesn’t ooze boringness, so people don’t quickly notice it’s extra clothing. Let your extra-pants look like the main pants and remain sports-friendly.



Why does a golfer wear two pants
mnplatypus / Pixabay

If you don’t want to be the golfer who’d always say ‘…I should’ve brought an extra pair…’, consider bringing an extra pair of pants to golf.

What do you stand to lose anyway?

At the end of the day anything could make a golfer wear two pants. However, I’m positive the ones in this guide are valid.

If you know any other reasons why golfers wear two pants, let me know in the comments section.


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Why do golfers wear two pairs of socks?

In case they get a hole in one.

But permit me to say, this is one joke that never hit me correctly because typically, the opening at the top of the sock is not full of holes, so the question should be – Why do golfers wear two socks on each foot? But I guess there’s more to why the joke is phrased this way.


But what if a birdie putts a hole in another?

Do you mean what if a birdie puts a hole in another pair of pants?

While this should be impossible, if it does happen, stitch the affected part, or buy another pair of pants if the stitching is too much work for you.




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