How to dress for gymnastics

Don’t know what to wear to gymnastics class? Or you’re reading this content for your child? Well, I urge you to keep reading because you just stumbled upon the perfect guide!

First of all, I want you to know that –

Clothing is a crucial aspect of gymnastics.

A Gymnastics Coach would want to see the gymnast’s form when they’re trying to pull off specific body positions, and the Coach wouldn’t want the gymnast’s clothing to pose a hindrance.

Most gyms have flexible standards regarding practice attire but Gymnastics competitions are known to have rigid dress codes.

Many people’s choice in outfits is the Relaxed Look. However, when it comes to sports, Relaxed Attires are not the way to go. Many problems are associated with wearing loose outfits and accessories in the gym.

For intense sports like gymnastics, loose clothing could cause myriads of issues. We could be looking at problems like – the cloth getting wrapped up in gym equipment, or an accessory being pulled forcefully.

There are many dangers associated with Inappropriate Sports Clothing that I haven’t listed here, and all of them can cause harm or injury to a gymnast.

As I mentioned, you are probably reading this content for different reasons. I’m not sure why exactly, but I have compiled many points and queries just in case. So chances are, you’ll find the advice that relates to you.

What To Wear To First Gymnastics Class

What to wear to gymnastics
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You love gymnastics, and you’ve signed up for a class. Or maybe you’re a parent and it’s your child who’ll be attending their first class.

Whatever case, the problem is, you don’t know what to wear to your first gym class, or you don’t know what your child should wear.

Age and gender are the primary determinants here. Nevertheless, the appropriate gymnastics attire for all gymnasts is Leotards.

For one, boys should wear leotards under tights or leggings. The majority of girls you’ll see in the gymnastics class will be wearing leotards over chiffon skirts or tights. In other words, see leotards as a verified Girls Gymnastics Wear.

You can find good-looking leotards online. Leotards are recommended for gymnastics because they won’t pull onto anything, and they give the gymnast flexibility with movements.

Younger gymnasts do well with leotards, but the older folks like to complement their leotards with gymnastics shorts.

Check out these mentions –

Sports Bra

Older Female Gymnasts are free to wear a regular bra or sports bra under their Leos for extra support.


Shorts are ideal for older gymnasts too, especially males. Gymnasts can wear shorts over their leotards for extra comfort. This will help prevent wardrobe malfunctions like underwear hanging out.

Hair Pulled Back

No gymnast wants to eat their hair during stunts or have their hair catch on equipment. To avert this, older gymnasts should have their hair pulled up in a way that it won’t get in the way of their performances.

No Jewelry or Studs

Jewelry and studs are prohibited for all gymnasts of all levels and ages. Older gymnasts should avoid wearing jewelry to gymnastics classes for their safety.


Older Male Gymnasts, whether teens or adults, should only wear shorts and t-shirts with no snaps, zippers, or buttons to gymnastics class.

Bare Feet

Socks, shoes, and other footwear are prohibited for gymnasts because they could cause them to slip or fall. Gymnasts must practice while barefooted.


What To Wear To Gymnastics For A Toddler

Gymnastics clothes for kids is a delicate topic we should address.
Before we dive into this section, I want you to note two things –

Firstly, Gymnastics clothes for girls target the Freedom Factor. The Freedom Factor in the world of Gymnastics Attires means wearing clothes that are tight, stretchy, and support the easy movement.

Secondly, Gymnastics clothes for boy gymnasts should be tight and stretchy for an easy movement like the girls. Boys’ leotards are called singlets. They don’t have sleeves and they are usually worn with shorts or pants, depending on the activity.

I mentioned earlier that leotards are recommended for girl gymnasts. However, most gyms allow young children and preschoolers to wear t-shirts and shorts instead of leotards. And this provision extends to both genders.

If you are enrolling your toddler in a gymnastics class, choose fitted clothing without frills. It should be something that won’t get in your child’s way during movement.

Tuck your little one’s t-shirts into their shorts, so they don’t fall while running or tumbling.
For tights, make sure you avoid the ones with feet for your child’s safety. Experts recommend footless tights for gymnasts of all ages and levels.

For easy scanning, here’s a breakdown of what toddlers should wear to a gymnastics class:


A gymnastics leotard is ideal for a female toddler gymnast to wear to class. Consider Gymnast Undergarments when selecting a leotard for your toddler. The little ones must be comfortable enough so their diapers or underwear don’t hang out.


Shorts and t-shirts are ideal for male toddler gymnasts. Avoid wearing your gymnast clothes with any buckles, zippers, or snaps. Clothes that have these can get caught on any of the equipment.

Hair Pulled Back

You want to ensure your little gymnast’s hair doesn’t cause any obstruction. Make sure their hair is in a bun, ponytail, braid, or any hairstyle that will get their hair out of their face.

No Jewelry or Studs

Don’t let your little gymnast go to class with jewelry, not even stud earrings. Recent findings have revealed that studs can get caught on some gym equipment. You don’t want to risk your child getting hurt.


Accessories For Gymnastics Class

Besides a headband for putting hair in a bun, other accessories for Gymnastics include beam shoes for maintaining traction on the balance beam and grips for helping gymnasts hold onto rings or bars.

Before purchasing gymnastics accessories, talk to your coach to avoid missing out on the proper style and fit.


What To Wear To Gymnastics Besides A Leotard

Besides a leotard, gymnasts can wear sports shorts, footless leggings, and t-shirts.

Did you know that wardrobe malfunction can cost Gymnasts their points during competitions? Like I said before, clothing is crucial for gymnasts.
Some gyms allow female gymnasts to wear sports shorts over their Leos. Other gyms let gymnasts wear tight t-shirts or tank tops during practice.

Gymnasts don’t usually wear underwear under their leotards. Leos can give gymnasts the support and protection they need as swimwears do.


What to wear to gymnastics
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In Gymnastics, proper clothing is vital for both practice and competitions. If you have a child who attends gymnastics classes, you must ensure they are appropriately dressed for safety and comfort.

You don’t want them to lose points or feel embarrassed from a wardrobe malfunction while executing their skills.

I hope this guide helped! Do leave your thoughts in the comments section and check-in for more updates.