What Score Under Par Is An Eagle In Golf?

What scores under par are really considered Eagles in the Golf Realm?

To discuss what score an eagle is in golf is to delve into one of the most exciting aspects of the game: eagles. If you’re wondering, what score under par is considered an eagle in golf, in this post, we will explore the definition of an eagle, discuss the subcategories within this achievement, and provide examples to help you understand this scoring system. So, let’s strap on our golf shoes and tee off into the world of eagles in golf.

Understanding the Term “Eagle”

To grasp the concept of an eagle in golf, it’s important to understand the scoring system used on the course. In golf, each hole has a designated “par” value, representing the number of strokes an expert golfer would be expected to take to complete the hole. Generally, par values vary from three to five strokes per hole. An eagle is a score achieved when a golfer completes a hole in fewer strokes than the given par value.

Subcategories of Eagles in Golf

1. Standard Eagle

A standard eagle is achieved when a golfer completes a par-four hole in two strokes or a par-five hole in three strokes. This is the most common type of eagle seen on the golf course, and it is considered a significant accomplishment.

2. Albatross (or Double Eagle)

Now, you might be thinking, what if a golfer completes a par-five hole in two strokes? Is that considered an eagle? Well, my friends, that’s when the albatross, or the double eagle, comes into play. This extraordinary feat occurs when a golfer completes a par-five hole in just two strokes. It is an extremely rare occurrence and is widely regarded as golf’s holy grail.

3. Chip-in Eagle

Another type of eagle that deserves recognition is the chip-in eagle. Picture this: you’re just off the green, and instead of using your putter, you decide to chip the ball directly into the hole. If this miraculous shot results in an eagle, it is known as a chip-in eagle. While less common than the standard eagle, it adds an extra level of excitement to the game.

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Under par scores considered Eagles in Golf

1. The 13th Hole at Augusta National:

One of the most famous examples of an eagle is witnessed annually on the 13th hole at Augusta National during the Masters Tournament. This picturesque par-five hole, aptly named “Azalea,” presents golfers with an opportunity to achieve an eagle. Its relatively short length and dogleg configuration make it a favorable hole for many players. Over the years, several professionals have managed to score eagles on this hole, thrilling fans worldwide.

2. Tiger Woods’ “Splash of Genius” at the 2005 Masters:

Let’s take a moment to remember one of the most remarkable eagles in golf history. It was the 16th hole during the final round of the 2005 Masters Tournament. Tiger Woods, known for his extraordinary skills, hit a delicate chip shot that hovered on the edge of the 16th green before rolling into the cup, perfectly executed for an eagle. The crowd erupted in applause, and the shot has since become an iconic moment in golf.


By now, you have a solid understanding of what score under par is considered an eagle in golf. Remember, eagles are achieved when a golfer completes a hole in fewer strokes than the designated par value. Whether it’s a standard eagle on a par-four, an albatross on a par-five, or a chip-in eagle, these incredible scoring achievements leave players and fans alike in awe. So, the next time you’re out on the course and manage to score an eagle, relish the moment, for you have accomplished something truly extraordinary in the game of golf. Happy golfing!