What Level Gymnast Am I – Not A Quiz!

Gymnastics is a sport for flexible people, and it requires rigorous training.
Maybe you’ve been stepping up your gymnastics skills lately, and the thought keeps popping up in your head – what level gymnast am I?

You could take a quiz to know your status, but don’t expect accurate results. The people who curate most of those quizzes are just as oblivious as you are.

No one knows you more than you. And that’s why you don’t need a quiz to ascertain your proficiency in gymnastics.
All you need is an extensive guide that will serve as a formula to track your progress as you complete more challenging gymnastics routines in the future.

Read this guide and find out what level gymnast you are in three minutes. Do take your time!


Knowing What Level Gymnast You Are

What level gymnast am i
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If you read my previous post on Gymnastics Levels, you will have an idea of the pointers I’ll be dropping in this content. So I recommend you to quickly scan through the article if you haven’t, and come back here once you are through with it.

Have you gone through the article?

If you have, then you’re just one step away from knowing what level gymnast you are!

In the JO Program, gymnasts must be able to complete all the routines in their current level to proceed to the next. And it’s not just about completing routines, the challenge is being able to complete those routines excellently.

As a gymnast, your mastery of a specific routine shows your proficiency in that activity. So don’t expect an Average Score as a model here.

The model that we will use to ascertain the level of gymnast you are is ‘Proficiency’ – your mastery of one or more skills and routines.

As you know, the Elite level is the highest level in gymnastics that qualifies you to participate in International Competitions like the Olympics. Accordingly, a person at the Elite level is regarded as a proficient gymnast.

So if you are in the Elite level and you are reading this guide, I don’t know what you’re still looking for.

You are an expert buddy!

Now to the issue of the day, here’s the logic –

I’ll be dropping all the skills needed to ace the Xcel and JO Program to advance to the Elite program. All you have to do is scan through each skill and wait for the next step.

Step 1

We have a minimum of 7 skills in each category.

If you check at least 4/7 of the skills listed in each category, you have a future in gymnastics, and you can proceed with the next step.

Floor routines:

  • Cartwheel
  • Handstand
  • Round-off
  • Front walkover
  • Handstand forward roll
  • Backbend kick-over
  • Backbend
  • Handspring
  • Connected back handsprings
  • Punch front
  • Front handspring
  • Back tuck
  • Back walkover
  • Layout
  • Layout half
  • Layout full

Bar routines:

  • Swing
  • Pullover
  • Pullover without jumping off the ground
  • Kip
  • Front hip circle
  • Back hip circle
  • Jump to the high bar
  • Mini giant
  • Giant
  • Flip to another bar
  • Pirouette
  • Shoot-over

Beam routines:

  • Walk
  • Walk backward
  • Side aerial
  • Front aerial
  • Back tuck
  • Back handspring
  • Layout
  • Handstand
  • Back walkover
  • Cartwheel
  • Round-off
  • Front walkover
  • Straddle jump
  • Split jump
  • Tuck jump

Vault routines:

  • Handstand land flat on back on mats
  • Front handspring
  • Round-off entry
  • Yurchenko
  • Back tuck
  • Yurchenko with twist(s)
  • Tsukahara-style vaults

The number of pushups per minute:

  • 5-10
  • 10-15
  • 15-20
  • 20-30
  • 30-45
  • 46-50
  • 51+

Flexibility level:

  • I can do a side split
  • I have all 3 splits down
  • I have a center split
  • I have 2 out of 3 splits down
  • I can do a half split
  • I can do a middle split
  • I can do a jumping split

Trampoline skill:

  • Full turn in the air
  • Jumping
  • Split and straddle jumps
  • Bounce into handstand
  • Back-handspring
  • Round-off back-handspring
  • Back tuck
  • Connected back-handsprings
  • Layout
  • Layout half
  • Layout full
  • Front tuck
  • Dive roll
  • Cartwheel


Step 2

Now, this is where my previous article comes in handy for this content.

I believe you have familiarised yourself with the skills listed. It’s time to go back to this article – Gymnastics Levels.

Check out the different routines at each level of the JO program. If you can excellently complete all the routines at a particular level, you are certainly above average. But that’s not all!

Look for the level where you can’t complete one or more skills. When you find that level, the level before it is your current level as a gymnast.

You could be a level 3, a level 1, or even a level 10. Let’s find out!

Don’t fret if you notice you are not proficient in a skill. There is always room for improvement.

Well, this was fun and engaging. I hope you had a pleasant time reading this guide!



What level gymnast am i
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Many people like you are also curious about what level gymnast they are. They could take a random quiz online. But what’s the guarantee that the results they’d get from those sites are accurate?

Now, you know the formula for knowing your level in gymnastics through this content. Why not share this article with others too.

I bet it’d only take a few minutes of your time.

Do have a lovely day!


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