What Club Would Most Golfers Likely Hit From 100 Yards

Did you ask, what club would most golfers likely hit from 100 yards?

Honestly, this seems like a pretty straightforward question, but it is not close to simple. The truth is, many factors come to play when trying to determine what club the majority of golfers are likely to hit from a 100-yard distance.

From my observation, and of course, extensive research, I’ll settle for a 9-iron club as the answer to your question.

Yes. I said it!

The golf club most golfers would likely hit from 100 yards is the 9-iron club.


Because of the versatility, it wields. Also, golfers testify of solid control with 9-iron clubs.

But don’t leave this page yet!

You should find out why we arrived at the answer. Also, in this article, I want to give you the formula for knowing what club most golfers would likely hit from the most common Shot Distances.

Our key mentions to help us in today’s discussion are;

  • Pitching wedge distance
  • 5-iron distance
  • The best club for 80, 100 yards.


Pitching Wedge Distance

Golfers use the Pitching Wedge Golf Club for shots with 200 to 125 yardage from the green. Many times amateurs go for 9-iron clubs instead of the pitching wedge. Why? A lot of them think they’d get the ball further away with their 9-iron.

But here’s where the problem comes in.

Golfers at the beginner level don’t usually have the best golf swing speed techniques. As a result, they can’t make up for the difference in yardage with their irons. When you properly execute a golf shot with a pitching wedge, the ball will go the same distance as one you hit with a 9-iron. But they won’t have similar trajectories.

What we’ve found

Several trials and errors in golf have helped us learn that the most common club from 100 yards is a pitching wedge.

Beginner golfers that don’t fancy precision when executing shots always have a gap wedge distance of 92 to 96 yards. This calculation won’t give a near-perfect shot most of the time.

There’s a reason the average golfer can’t hit 200 yards. Like I mentioned earlier, many factors come to play in determining what club you’d likely hit from a certain distance, or why you can’t hit 100, 150, or 200 yards no matter how hard you try.

I’m talking about factors like the wind/weather conditions, the golfer’s skill level, and the terrain type.

5-Iron Distance

Let’s talk about the 5-iron distance.

This mention may not seem vital for the main issue, but I assure you, it is!

Firstly, most golfers would hit their gap wedge about one hundred yards. You may know Gap Wedge as Utility Wedge, but they mean the same thing.

On average, male golfers can hit a 5 Iron golf club at 160 yards. Female golfers on the other hand, can get away with 140 yards from their 5-iron clubs. However, you can get 195 to 295 yards 5-iron hit from professional golfers.

Now that you’ve registered this data, let’s move further!


Best Club For 80, 100 Yards?

The answer to this question could be best described as, multifaceted, because myriads of factors determine the best golf club to use from 80 to 100 yards. For one, you should look at the distance to the green, your swing, and the type of file you’ve got.

A few general guidelines could help you choose the right club.

The Formula

A 9-iron club is flexible enough to handle different lies. Also, the golfer can control a 9-iron rod more easily.

But I have to add – if you have a Manageable Lie and you are confident you can hit a high, it’d be best to go for clubs that will give you enough spin and loft, so you can easily stop the ball on the green. A sand wedge or pitching wedge will do.

The cheat sheet for mastering your shots from 200 yards is practicing your short game. Spend time practicing golf shits from several distances in your driving range.

Use the same golf club to hit the ball at least 15 times and write down the yardages you hit. With just a couple of sessions at the range, you’ll be familiar with how far you hit with each club.

You can go the extra mile and invest in a reliable Golf GPS Device that will help you track the yards from the golf shots you execute.

There’s no one perfect golf shot, after all, the game is about trial and error.

Here’s your take-home:

To know which golf club you should use from 100 yards, check out the driving range and experiment with any club your hand can get on. Figure out the club you are most comfortable with, and that’s your club right there!

The most crucial aspect of finding the right club for you is recognizing your Golf Swing.

Nonetheless, 9-iron remains the most popular golf club choice from the 100-yardage. This is because the 9-iron will run between 95 to 105 yards from most beginners, a little wind could push it further to 110 yards.

But the 8-iron will travel some yards further but would require more shots that could go the wrong way. Honestly, the majority of golfers won’t even hit their 8-iron as hard as their 9-iron.


The Perfect Club: Is There Any?

Many golfers like to think of the sand wedge as the most valuable club in your bag when they are within 100 yards of the pin. But others don’t think so.

The fact is, there’s no perfect club for any distance. Perfect for you could be disastrous for others, and making a perfect or near-perfect shot.

Many golfers will hit their gap wedge 100 yards from the hole, and that’s how far it gets.



What Club Would Most Golfers Likely Hit From 100 Yards
Robert2301 / Pixabay

Most experienced golfers would likely choose a long wedge or a sand wedge, while majority beginner golfers would hit a pitching wedge.

You’d find that most average golfers don’t know how crucial it is to have proper wedge play. If you are a beginner golfer, I’ll advise you to look into learning how to control trajectory and distance with your wedges.

When it comes to precise golf shots, the general rule of thumb is to choose the club that suits the golf shot you are facing. Planning your next golf shot is another step you must not leave out.

While standing in the tee box, always contemplate where you want your ball to stop and make your swing accordingly.

Most amateur golfers aim for more distance. In most cases, their shots would end up in the water or water. Ill advice you to focus on getting a conservative golf club you are most comfortable with for accurate shots.






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