What To Wear To TopGolf This 2023

Are you among the number of people that don’t know what to wear to Topgolf?

Well, here’s your answer –

Wear what you like!

It is not strange to see people cracking their brains over what to wear to TopGolf.

It doesn’t matter where you are going. It could be the library, grocery store, gym, or even a date.

As long as the place is outside your home or comfort zone, what you wear to go there is crucial.

Our dressing is a key determinant of how we express ourselves, and how we are addressed by other people.

The truth is, you are free to dress based on your mood or where you are going.

Nonetheless, brainstorming what to wear can be difficult sometimes.

It’s all good if you have a closet full of clothes, but that’s not all you need to find the perfect outfit for every outing.


TopGolf Dress Code?

Like earlier said, you should wear what you like to TopGolf, as long as it is decent enough and doesn’t stop you during games.

Before you start swirling your clothes everywhere, one of the first questions to ask is whether TopGolf even has a dress code, to begin with.


So Does TopGolf Have A Dress Code?

Besides, making sure you wear clothing appropriate for the weather and games, TopGolf does not have a dress code you need to abide by.

The only rule of thumb you should follow is wearing comfortable clothes.

Also, make sure you look presentable in your outfits so you can enjoy your golfing functions.

Now that question is aside.

But hold up –

This extensive guide isn’t here only to tell you that TopGolf doesn’t have a dress code.

TopGolf is more or less an activity hub for golfing events. You could meet business tycoons, entrepreneurs, sports enthusiasts, and people you connect with.

Many people have attested to finding friends and building new relationships at TopGolf, so you don’t want to go there looking out of place.

Keep reading to get more insights!


What to wear to TopGolf work event

A business casual look will do the trick.

It can be tricky to nail down the right look, especially if you have to wear a particular dress code or outfit for a specific activity.

It is no news that TopGolf is a location for relaxation, so opt for a relaxed dress code.

Now, if you are going to TopGolf for a work event, stay away from any outfit that is too casual or revealing.

Besides avoiding super casual outfits, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Pay attention to comfort and movement to avoid a wardrobe malfunction along with the embarrassment that goes with it.
  • Dress to impress – As a man, you can pull up a button-up shirt, or a dry-fit polo with a loose pair of slacks.
  • Accessorize with a watch, a solid belt, and a pair of nice-looking shoes. As a woman, wear a nice shirt with comfortable slacks, and flats or boots to complement your look.


What To Wear To TopGolf In Fall

It can be cumbersome to find what to wear to TopGolf in the fall, especially because Fall weather is unpredictable.

Now, the weather may be colder or warmer depending on the TopGolf location you are visiting.

If you are planning to play Topgolf through September or November, expect warm weather.

A light sweater with jeans or athletic pants will do for warm weather.

Also, chances are, you will swing clubs and move around, so ensure you bring along your jacket. Just in case!

Cold fall weather requires more preparation.

For starters, wear long pants, a long-sleeve shirt, and a sweater or a jacket. Just something to keep you warm because the chill could get serious.

Also, consider layering your clothing to make it easy to remove for convenience.


What To Wear To TopGolf In Summer

It’s easier to find what to wear to TopGolf in summer because you don’t need too much clothing for summer to even start with.

Here’s what you should wear in summer:

  • Consider wearing athletic wear. It could be athletic shorts, a tennis skirt, a t-shirt, a dress, or your favorite sporty tank top.
  • Opt for only fun and relaxed clothing like camisoles.
  • Spice-up your outfit with flats or a pair of tennis shoes.


What To Wear To TopGolf In Winter

“Wear your regular clothing with a cardigan and a leather jacket.”

You don’t want the chills when swinging.

Playing golf in extra chilly weather can tighten up your muscles, making it difficult to swing or even laugh.

If you’ve experienced something similar before, then you won’t find it hard trying to comprehend the above statement.

Yes, there are a ton of facilities and overhead heaters stationed around the corner to keep you warm when it’s cold but these heaters don’t change the fact that you are outdoors and it’s winter.

Here’s an accurate list of what to wear to TopGolf in winter:

  • Opt for closed-toe shoes. Avoid sandals or any footwear that exposes your toes.
  • Wear long pants and boots
  • Try heavy-duty sweatshirts
  • Wear sneakers whenever to create variation in your outfits
  • Consider athletic dresses
  • Don’t neglect the power of layering your outfits
  • Invest in winter jackets and sweaters.

We can’t say a weather is bad weather for TopGolf.

After all, you don’t close your shop because of rain or snow. So winter can’t prevent you from having a good time.


What shoes to wear to TopGolf

As a new visitor to TopGolf, it is okay to not know what shoes to wear to TopGolf.

You can wear tennis shoes, or casual sneakers to TopGolf if you plan to play some games.

Just one trip to TopGolf will expose several kinds of footwear.

You’ll see everything from Nike sneakers and platforms, to sandals and flip-flops. But you certainly won’t see any feet without footwear of some sort.

Can I wear any shoe to TopGolf?

The truth is, you can wear any shoe you like to TopGolf.

Only make sure your footwear is comfortable and you don’t come barefooted.

You can wear sandals, tennis shoes, sneakers, and even flip-flops to TopGolf.

There’s no rule at TopGolf about a particular type of shoe to wear. The only rule you would see about shoes in TopGolf is that no one can play barefoot.

This statement suggests that any type of footwear is acceptable at TopGolf.

So you don’t have to purchase a brand new pair of golf shoes just to get some space at TopGolf.

Now, here’s a brief reveal –

TopGolf is a large. So there’s the possibility that you’ll walk a long distance.

Now, you don’t want your feet getting hurt from all the trekking, so ensure you invest in only quality closed-toe footwear.


These are the purposes of each of the footwear mentioned:

  • Tennis shoes or sneakers provide grip, protection, and coverage for the wearer
  • Sandals offer grip and security while helping you to stay away from flip flops
  • Flip-flops are the most comfortable footwear on this list, but I don’t advise you to wear them if you’ll be swinging a golf.
  • Boots, flats, and loafers are excellent footwear choices for TopGolf since they can fit into any function/event.

When it comes to shoes, there is no set dress code at Topgolf.

If there is, you bet it’d be “no shoes, no service”. And we know the reason – you simply cannot play golf barefoot.

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What to wear to TopGolf
Pic_Panther / Pixabay

TopGolf is a great place to catch fun with your family members or bond with your friends.

However, new visitors to TopGolf tend to ask if there’s a dress code.

As you have seen in this content, the answer is a big No.

So prepare to see every kind of dress you can imagine.

You will likely see guys in workout gear or a bunch of girls dressed up for a night out on the town.

The best advice anyone can give you is to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

If you still don’t know what to wear to Topgolf, flip through this guide one more time.

This page has got everything you need to know.

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