Tiger Woods Mug Shot

Tiger Woods, a 14-time national champion, was shocked by a fan’s handmade Tiger attire as he walked to the next hole in March 2019. This happened shortly after Tiger Woods and Kevin Na entertained the crowd on the island green at The Players Championship on Saturday.

Thomas Wesling, a spectator, arrived at TPC Sawgrass on Saturday sporting a t-shirt with a picture of Tiger Woods’ mugshot from his 2017 arrest on suspicion of DUI. Woods explained that a combination of prescription medications he was taking to treat his back problems were to blame for the occurrence.

Tiger Woods Mug Shot | When It All Started

While Tiger did not slow down or turn his head to look at Wesling, he did smile as he past him. Wesling screamed out Woods’ name and attempted to grab his attention. According to Thomas Wesling courtesy of the Journal Sentinel, he wasn’t really prepared for what transpired, but their jerseys at the event caused practically everyone they passed to react.

This included several of the athletes that passed Wesling during the day, including loud chuckles from Jason Dufner and Jon Rahm. Wesling was informed by a tournament employee that Dufner made his caddie inform Tiger’s caddie that the tee would be close to the 18th hole.

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Thomas admitted that he didn’t actually think he would be noticed by the players themselves. He claimed that because there were so many people shouting at Tiger, it was difficult to get him to notice anyone.

The same month of March the following year saw Tiger Woods at the center of the athletic world once more as a record-breaking crowd watched him stripe fairway after fairway with his megastar “buddies,” Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning.

Even though the Match was just a charity competition held at Woods’ Jupiter, Florida, home course, the world pays attention when he is in good health and pain-free when he swings a club.

The exhibition had the highest average viewership of any golf event ever on cable with 5.8 million viewers.

Bottom Line

Tiger Woods Mug Shot

We’ve got to hand it to a guy who can laugh at himself and remain humble. Tiger is pretty cool. Besides, a sense of humor is something everyone should have. And from all the stories we’ve heard, Tiger is hilarious and absolutely ruthless with the jokes.

Watch the moment Tiger Woods laughed at his own mug shot

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