Tiger Woods Logo

April of 2019 saw people go crazy over Tiger Woods’ new t-shirt logo. At the moment, the biggest news to come out of Tiger Woods’ press conference prior to the 2019 Masters had nothing to do with the golfer himself. Apart from the leg injury, the man’s life and career appear to be going well, and the 14-time slam victor appears to be content with circumstances. Instead, Tiger Woods’ shirt logo was the actual star of the press conference.

The evidence was plain to see: On the left breast of his shirt, a cartoon version of Frank, Tiger’s longstanding headcover, could be seen.

The design supposedly served as a component of a marketing effort for the company’s new bespoke logoed golf shirts. On its Nike Golf Instagram account, which provided a closer look at the attractive logo, the business teased the reveal at the press conference.

The Professional Golfer, Tiger Woods 

Tiger Woods, whose real name is Eldrick Tont Woods, was one of the most popular and successful golfers in the United States. He was born in 1975. When Woods first became professional in 1996, he had already won the 1997 Masters and three PGA Tour tournaments. Less than a year after going pro, Woods had rapidly risen to become the best golfer in the world by June 1997.

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Tiger Woods Logo | The journey

Before Woods became famous, he began safeguarding his reputation and registered his first trademark in 1996, the year he turned professional. He filed a claim for “Tiger Woods”-branded golf gear and accessories. Since then, the logo has been routinely deployed. During his first two years after becoming an expert, Woods also registered the names “Club Tiger” for his supporters club and “Tiger Woods Foundation” for his charitable organization as trademarks.

Woods is currently growing his personal brand, though, as his golfing job may no longer be as lucrative. Woods registered the three triangles as a logo in 2016 and is utilizing the mark for consultation and upkeep on golf course construction. The three triangles were further developed by him for use in his charitable endeavors, and they are now displayed as a symbol in the upper left corner of his webpage.

What does Tiger Woods’ logo mean?

Tiger woods logo
Golf, Illustration

When Tiger Woods’ new logo was unveiled, he spoke candidly about the next phase of his life, saying that’s what the design represents to him. Tiger Woods had planned to return to competitive golf the weekend of November 2016 at the Safeway Open, but he abruptly withdrew from the competition and stated that his game was insufficient to contend with PGA Tour pros.

Woods also outlined the guiding principles of his new logo. The three triangles, according to him, represent our method, mindset, and mastery. Furthermore, if you look closely, you may notice that the mark is concealing more than what first appears.

His name and identity are symbolized by the letter W, the tiger’s paw, its stripes, and the abstract “Woods” design. He’s been known to hit into trees, and since his last name is Woods, the emblem contains three of them. The symbol demonstrates Woods’ constant attention


When was the logo for Tiger Woods created?

Yin Yang-inspired clothing and accessory lines bearing Woods’ name were first introduced in 1997, along with the logo.

Who created the logo for Tiger Woods?

Sub Rosa created the new logo for TGR, which is made out of three triangles that resemble a tiger’s stripes (or claws?). The shapes’ empty spaces combine to form a W.

Who owns the Tiger Woods Logo?

Gerben Intellectual Property is the owner of the Tiger Woods trademarks, including the logo.