The Deux Moi Merch For Golfers?

The Deux Moi Merch is a trending outfit for the fashion-obsessed and sports-conscious.

I recently discovered a stereotype surrounding sweatshirts and sweatpants. I found out that different sports activities and social functions including golf, have a low tolerance for sweatshirts, sweatpants, and hoodies. And honestly, it is not hard to know why they think so.

The Deux Moi Merch is an outfit launched by Deux Moi, a pseudonymous Instagram account known to publish celebrity gossip.

News flash –

The sweat-suit is not only for fashion shows and certain sports niches, golfers have started noticing it too.

Many people feel the Deux Moi Merch is overrated. They are not wrong for feeling this way, especially because the clothing-in-question is nothing more than a sweatshirt and sweatpants.

Here’s what I think about the Deux Moi Merch from a golfer’s perspective:

It has recorded several purchases since its launch this year, without having to send a crazy number of outreach emails.

The secret?

While I can’t say how the Merch started selling out in only 4 minutes, I do know the Deux Moi Instagram account had already gained 1.5 million followers before the Merch was launched.

The interesting news?

Golfers take a liking to the Deux Moi merch!

Many people think of the sweat-suit as an overrated and overpriced outfit. I think so too, but not completely.
My reason is, that the Deux Moi Merch might not be the worst golfing outfit, and I’m going to show you why. I bet you’ll see reasons with me after reading this content.

Will the Deux Moi Merch make for the perfect golfing outfit?

Deux moi merch
Cristhian_Adame_Photo / Pixabay

No. The Deux Moi Merch won’t make for the perfect golfing outfit, but it will make for a nice-looking golfing outfit.
The reason is, that most golf clubs require specific golf attires for men and women on their courses and in their clubhouses, and a sweatsuit isn’t one of them.

I know that in one of my previous posts about golf outfits, I mentioned that there isn’t a specific rule on what to wear to TopGolf. Nevertheless, many golf clubs and courses besides TopGolf require specific dress codes. And you can see these dress codes on their respective websites.

More so, in the world of golf attires, there are Dos and Don’ts that should not be questioned because they are for the best.

Do’s and Don’ts such as the following:

  • Wear collared and polo shirts made of microfiber, cotton, polyester, or a mixture of all three. This one is a common requirement for many country clubs.
  • Golfers should tucked their shirts into their bottoms in almost all cases.
  • Don’t wear bottoms with drawstrings. If you must wear joggers, they should be golf joggers that accommodate belts. Most golf clubs classify drawstrings as forbidden. For women, skirts, shorts, and non-denim pants without drawstrings will do.
  • Avoid wearing sweatpants, jeans, and jogging pants, as these attires are not acceptable for golfing, even as cut-off shorts.
  • Golfers should wear pants with solid colors and loops for a belt. In golfing, belts can’t be separated from on-course outfits, even when they are not being used to hold up the pants or shorts.


The Take-out

Deux moi merch
Hollanddesign / Pixabay

Even though there are many variations to golf dress codes, you can see from these evaluations that the Deux Moi Merch only ticks the Don’ts Box of golfing dress codes. You may have also noticed that in most cases, the pants or shorts you wear for golf should let you wear a belt.

These are reasons why the Deux Moi outfit won’t make for the perfect golfing attire, but it will make for fashionable wear.

Maybe, if the brand included joggers without drawstrings, it may have stood a chance at making for the perfect golfing outfit. This is because, in sports, joggers are mainly used for athletic purposes and are considered more comfortable, breathable, and lighter.

What do you think about the Deux Moi Merch? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.



Is the Deux moi merch on eBay?

No seller on eBay has signified selling the Deux Moi Merch, as the clothing was released not too long ago.


Is the Deux Moi Merch on Poshmark?

Yes. But the complete outfit is limited on Poshmark.

Is the price of the Deux Moi Merch high?

Many people believe the price of the outfit is high, but several people are buying it nonetheless.


Where can I access the Deux Moi Merch?

You can get your desired Deux Moi Merch on the official Deux Moi website.
Or you can purchase the outfit on Tiotee, Teechip, Scribesun, or Spoias.


Will the popularity of the Deux Moi Merch become hyper normal if some celebrities started talking about it?

Several people think it would, especially as the clothing brand recorded massive sales from the Merch only 4 minutes after its launch.


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