Sydney Morris

You can call today’s discussion a sequel to Kim Kelly Gymnastics, only that today we will be talking about Sydney Morris Gymnastics.

If you binge-watch US Classics and Nationals, then you must have compared Athlete Lists and have probably stumbled upon the young female gymnast, Sydney Morris.

Born on April 5, 2004, to Kathleen and Scott Morris, Sydney has one brother, Dillon, and is a Theater Major. She has also been impressing us with her flair for gymnastics from a very young age.


Who is Sydney Morris?

Sydney Morris
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Birthed in Maryland, United States, Sydney Morris gained popularity as a Gymnast & Social Media Star.

At age 3, she started gymnastics. Her first experience with gymnastics was in Maryland. Sydney said she would attend summer camp and recreational classes at the time.

When she was five years old, she transferred to a gym near her home. And when she clocked 6, she began competing in level 4. At 7, Sydney switched to Odenton, Win Win Gymnastics, MD, and competed in levels 5 to 7.

Sydney Morris: Overview

Sydney Morris is both a social media influencer and an American competitive gymnast. On the web-space, she goes by the title – Sydney The Coral Girl.

Sydney posts different vlogs on her personal YouTube channel, which she created in February 2016. Since then, she has gained more than 70,000 subscribers and has attracted over 10 million total views.

Sydney has brought her parents to limelight through her social media feeds. Her parents resorted to homeschooling her, back in 2014, so she could concentrate on her gymnastics.

Sydney began gymnastics at a tender stage. She said by the time she was 3, her parents enrolled her in gymnastics classes.

According to her, their reason for enrolling her was because she loved climbing almost anything. Sydney trained at Win-Win Gymnastics, Severn, Maryland, between 2010 and 2014.

In 2014, she joined the First Class Gymnastics Club in Annapolis, Maryland, with Mary Thompson as her coach. Together with her teammates, Sydney formed a group called The Coral Girls, inspired by their team color.

Do you want to know Sydney Morris’s scores? Check out her milestones over the years, and her scores by season here.

What we learn from Sydney

Sydney quit the First Class Gymnastics Club in 2018 and became part of the First State Gymnastics with Slava Glazounov as her head coach.

During this time, Sydney participated in several competitions namely –

  • Junior World Championships Trials, Sarasota, Florida, 2019
  • WOGA Classic, 2019
  • U.S. Gymnastics Championships, 2019
  • Hopes Championships, Chicago, Illinois, 2017
  • Junior Olympic National Championships, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2017

Despite her health challenges and emotional setbacks, Sydney keeps working outstandingly hard to ensure she qualifies for more national team competitions in the future.

We admire Sydney for harboring Olympics aspirations.

Sydney Morris Social Media?

In November 2016, Sydney created a Twitter page under the profile name –@sydneycmorris. Since then, she has accumulated over two thousand followers.

On YouTube, almost all of Sydney’s early videos link to gymnastics. We saw something different on Sydney’s channel for the first time in February 2016, when she shared a video entitled Don’t Do That.

In Don’t Do That, Sydney narrated how she went to a cactus garden after her helicopter expedition. The video was 45 seconds in length, and Sydney says it was her first try at vlogging.

When Sydney first started her YouTube channel, she titled it Sydney The Coral Girl, but when she left First Class Gymnastics Club, she titled it after her real name.

Till now, Sydney has not changed the type of content she uploads. She still uploads clips of her gymnastics routines, with blogs, challenges, and Q&A videos to indulge her fans.

Not too long ago, she started posting beauty and makeup content on her YouTube channel.

Sydney Morris Instagram

As an outstanding gymnast in level 10, Sydney has also been active on Instagram, where she has close to a million followers.

Sydney Morris College

Sydney Morris graduated from high school earlier this year-2022, and she has a surprising favorite school subject – Sign Language.

In her free time, Sydney likes riding horses, making journal entries, and surfing.

Sydney’s favorite singer is Billie Eilish.

Sydney Morris Kidney Surgery

The year 2021 was full of ups and downs for Sydney Morris gymnastics career.

If you recall, Sydney didn’t participate in the winter cup of 2021 because she underwent surgery at the start of the year.

Some reports reveal that she dropped to level 10 because of it. And she wasn’t the only athlete who had to forfeit. We see people like Eva Volpe, Elizabeth Gantner, Abigail Vides, Julianne Huff, etc.

Sydney moved from FSG to Arena Gymnastics due to some undisclosed causes. Some reports reveal that she stepped down to level 10 after attaining the Elite level.

But what does it matter!

As long as Sydney is happy and safe, I bet we are all excited to see her compete again.

Sydney Morris FAQs

Did Sydney Morris quit gymnastics?

No, she didn’t.

Sydney hasn’t competed since 2020, probably because of her preparations for kidney surgery scheduled for 2021.

At the beginning of 2021, Sydney Morris underwent kidney surgery.

In a recent Instagram comment, Sydney mentioned that she is returning from an injury and is training to get her skills back and figure out how her future looks.

I guess that’s it for Sydney Morris Gymnastics 2022, but we can’t be sure either way.




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