90+ soccer pick-up lines

Soccer is a popular sport that has cut across several nations of the world over the years.

People of all races, sex, and ages love the sport called soccer. As a result, it is not strange to find someone trying to strike up a conversation with someone on soccer.

If you sit with someone you like while watching a match, but find it hard to initiate a conversation, just pick up a line surrounding soccer and start bonding.

You can pick a cheesy line like; Will you kick a soccer ball with me if I buy you one?

And when you eventually drop some soccer pick-up lines, don’t get all nervous thinking you’re treading the wrong part.

You and this special someone will always have something to talk about because both of you already have something in common – a love for soccer!

You’ will see the smooth, nerdy, cheesy, and bad pickup lines in this content.

Also, because we can’t always separate soccer from football, I’ll be dropping some football pickup lines as a bonus.
Have fun!



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Smooth soccer pickup lines

Smooth lines
planet_fox / Pixabay

These clean soccer pick-up lines will stun you! Check them out:


1. Permit me to say, you’re way more intriguing than the intriguing game.

2. I’ll be kicking myself if I don’t get to know you better

3. I’d like to have some shots at your goal if you don’t mind.

4. If you be my soccer ball, I promise I’ll never shoot you. Because I’ll miss you everyday.

5. So you watch soccer? Because you’ll never walk alone.

6. If you take off your shirt, I ain’t giving you no yellow card.

7. Aside from missing a game, missing you is the only thing thing that can make my heart sore.

8. Would you let me be the only player in your box?

9. When I’m with you, I feel so much emotion, like I am playing a beautiful game.

10. My heart beats faster when I’m with you than when I am watching the game.

11. Your curves tell me you and David Bekham are related.

12. I swear, I’m gonna protect you better than a goalkeeper can.



Nerdy flirt lines (soccer)

Nerdy lines
jp26jp / Pixabay

Take a look at these nerdy soccer pick-up lines:


1. Only you can rip me apart like a failed game could.

2. You look like an expert goalkeeper. Can you keep me forever?

3. I don’t mind getting hurt for you as long as I can keep you.

4. No other girl will score a goal on you with me by your side.

5. I will strive and persist to get you because you are my goal.

6. Only you ignite my skills and finesse because you are like soccer to me.

7. Will you let me keep you forever? I am a keeper.



Cheesy flirt lines (soccer)

Cheesy lines
Cal-America / Pixabay

These cheesy soccer pick-up lines have been turning heads. So I just had to include them in the list:


1. I will take care of you like I take care of a ball.

2. Are you Barça? Cause you always have possession of my heart.

3. I swear, I won’t let anyone score a goal on me besides you.

4. Call me Lionel Messi because I’m going to dribble all over your back line.

5. You make my heart beat faster than when I am playing the beautiful game.

6. Know anyone called Omer? Cause you have a Toprak.

7. I will guard you like the way I guard the ball in the beautiful game.

8. Call me Totti. Because I’ll be loyal to you.

9. You are beautiful, equally beautiful as the beautiful game.

10. Are you, Messi? Because your touch is priceless.

11. Is your name Joe? Cause you’ve won my Hart.

12. Are you a sucker for soccer? Because something tells me I’m gonna score today.

13. You’re Hotter Than the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

14. You must be worthy darling, ‘because you can lift my hammer.

15. Is your name Lionel? Because you made my pants Messi.

16. Do you have a jersey? Because I need your name and number.

17. Are you Messi? Cause I am dribbling all over you.

18. You drive me crazy like only the best game I watched could do.

19. Is your name Luis? Because I am hot as Figo without the ego.



Bad soccer pickup lines

Bad pick up lines
MartinPhotography / Pixabay

Yes. There are bad soccer pick-up lines too. Here’s a list of dirty pick-up lines you have no business using:


1. You know…Soccer players can go for 90 minutes and know 11 different positions…

2. Are you, Suarez? Cause I’ll let you bite me all night.

3. You’re allowed to use your hands in this game.

4. Are you, David Beckham? Because I’d bend for you.

5. You wanna score or just knock around my balls?

6. I can go 90 minutes without stopping.

7. I’m like Arsenal: I’ll stay on top but I’ll finish second.

8. I can be Spain and you can be Ireland, tonight. In other words, I’m gonna screw you hard!

9. I like to practice some of my penalty kicks with you.

10. Want to go upstairs and see my autograph picture of Pee?

11. Wanna see my world cup in action?

12. Can I take a few shots at your goal?

13. Can you be Zidane tonight? Because I want some head.

14. Did you know I’m the Ronaldo of lovers?

15. What do you say we get out of these kits and test our fitness levels?

16. Did you know you look good in short pants?

17. Ever wondered why people call me the shooter?

18. Hey, did ya know I’m part of a soccer team? Yeah, hopefully, I score tonight.

19. I know you love playing soccer, wanna play a soccer lover?

20. I would totally take you out for Emile if your name’s Heskey.

21. I’m at my best during overtime.


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Football pick-up lines

Football pick up lines
Camera-man / Pixabay

Check out these hilarious football pick-up lines:


1. Consider this your two-minute warning…Before I kiss you.

2. I wish you were on the football team because I’d love to see your backfield in motion.

3. You’re so hot, I’d let you penetrate my defense.

4. Do you play football? Because you’ve got a tight end.

5. Hey girl, how about you make like the Patriots and deflate these balls.

6. I’m not trying to stun you, but I have as many playoffs wins as Andy Dalton.

7. Are you going to ask me out soon, or do I need to call a delay of game penalty?

8. Baby, I always go to extra time.

9. I specialize in scoring screamers.

10. Can I get your jersey? I mean your name and number.

11. Good game – you certainly scored all your extra points with me.

12. You’ve intercepted my heart.

13. Don’t call offsides, I just wanted to ask you out!

14. Instead of zone defense, can we try some man-to-woman coverage tonight?

15. Do you prefer two-hand touch or full contact?

16. I’ve proven to a lot of people that size doesn’t matter.

17. I like your Patriots jersey, but I bet it’d look even better on my bedroom floor.

18. Tonight it’s your turn.

19. I’d love to touchdown in your end zone.

20. Do want to play football? Cause I wanna get a touchdown in that in-zone.

21. Girl I block out all outside noise when I get behind center.

22. I’ve never made an incomplete pass, and I hope you won’t be my first.

23. Are you going to ask me out soon, or do I need to call a delay of game penalty?

24. How about we kick off a new relationship tonight?

25. Are you going to ask me out soon, or do I need to call a delay of game penalty?

26. Wanna be my receiver tonight?

27. Hey girl, on a scale of one to Laremy Tunsil, how available are you?

28. Can I show you my Danny Woodhead.

29. This game is about ball control baby.

30. Hey babe wanna play with my foam finger?

31. Everything that he’s able to do with his legs…is awesome.

32. Girl, you don’t have to settle for a pocket passer when you can have a scrambler like me.

33. Baby I’m about to line up in your neutral zone.

34. Scoring with you would be like making an 84-yard touchdown off of a pass interception.

35. I want to pick you up from free agency.



Final thoughts

pick up lines
phillipkofler / Pixabay

The pick-up lines in this content are undoubtedly hilarious.

But I’ll advise you. Try not to use these weird lines in real life.

Especially the dirty ones – they’re just wrong!

Realistically speaking, saying these cringy lines to someone you just met is creepy.

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