Soccer Corner Flags

Soccer corner flags keep authentic soccer events accurate, as the ball can only roll to either the right or left side of the flag.

Without the corner flags, referees won’t be able to tell the goal line apart from the sidelines. But with corner flags, they can easily tell if a ball crosses the touchline or the end of the line.

Each fold-a-flag system in soccer comes with four corner flags so that the posts can break down quickly.

When a ball hits off the pitch by way of the goal line, it leads to a corner kick. Whereas, a ball moving out of a sideline bound will result in a throw-in.

Corner flags stand in all four corners of the pitch for easy distinction.
The corners of the pitch are the best position for these flags because everyone can see a ball passing in or out of a flag, and the officials can quickly make a call.

Corner flags serve many other purposes besides marking boundary lines.

One of the purposes is, showing players and officials the direction of the wind which may interfere with the angles of shots and long passes.


Corner flag sizing

The size of a soccer corner flag is defined by its minimum height and other measurements.

A typical flagpost should be 5ft high with a blunt top. And a quarter radius of 1 yd from each flagpost determines the corner area of a soccer corner flag.

Below are the measurements of a corner flag:

  • Ground sleeve – 1.3 ft or 0.4 meters
  • Pole length in the ground – 5 ft or 1.5 meters
  • Pole length – 6.4 ft or 1.9 meters

Soccer corner flags for sale

Many people ask; where do I find soccer corner flags near me?

Simply visit Google maps and start searching.

However, if you don’t want to spend your whole day scrolling through endless shops without any hope of bumping into the best corner flags vendors, check the list I have compiled below.

In these locations, you can find the best corner flags for sale.


1. Soccer Innovations

Soccer Innovations is known to offer durability.

On their website, you can find high-impact corner flags that have been engineered to withstand heavy use.

Most of the flags you’ll see at Soccer Innovations have a ground peg and a sturdy steel base for solid anchoring.



2. Soccer Chili

Soccer Chili has customizable Replacement Corner Flags.

With this option, you can feature your sponsor, tournament, logo, and field number to make your flags stand out.

All you’ve got to do is, send your logo vector format to Soccer Chili via e-mail and watch them handle the rest.


3. Soccer corner flags Amazon

With several sports manuals, outdoor recreation accessories, and field equipment on Amazon, you can be sure to find Playing Field Corner Flags.

On Amazon, you can find a collection of sturdy and reliable soccer corner flags from reliable vendors.



4. Soccer Corner Flags Dick’s Sporting Goods

Most of the soccer corner flags on Dick’s Sporting Goods are made from durable OD plastic.

Also, Dick’s Sporting Goods has a best-selling flags collection called Fold A Flag.

The soccer corner flag posts in this category are built with Interpol shock cords allowing a breakdown of seconds.

As for the height of the flags, every flag in Dick’s Sporting Goods is at least 60 inches high and stays secure in the field through ground stakes. So you can rest assured.


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Soccer corner flags
planet_fox / Pixabay

Soccer corner flags make sure every game stays factual.

A superior corner flag system should have a carrying bag to make storage, dis-assembling, and carriage easy.

The recommended websites for soccer corner flags in this article is known to consider the carriage factor, so go for them.

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