Santa Denier Mental Gymnastics

Santa deniers are Santa Believers, and the Santa Denier Mental Gymnastics Memes were first created by Santa Deniers to fuel their belief that Santa brings everyone presents on Christmas night with his magic Santa Denier Mental Gymnastics.

I used the word – ‘First Created’, because there’s no proof that every Santa Denier Meme you’ll find out there is created by a Santa believer. People generally create memes for the fun of it.

I’m not exactly a fan of the Santa Denier Mental Gymnastics Meme Craze but I’ve always wanted to see how it related to the Meaning Of Mental Gymnastics.

Well, here’s what I’ve got!

1. It has nothing to do with gymnastics as a sport

Yes. Santa Deniers Mental Gymnastics has nothing to do with literal Gymnastics.

For those of you asking – what’s mental gymnastics and how do I go about it?

You’ll be shocked when I tell you Santa Denier Mental Gymnastics is a meme that has absolutely nothing to do with what you know as Gymnastics. Mental gymnastics has its roots in the field of Therapy.

Here’s how –

People who cannot handle systematic thinking and can only manage simple explanations use the phrase called Mental Gymnastics. Therefore, it is safe to say that mental acrobatics is used to decipher tough questions and topics.

For instance, if someone can’t understand what you’re explaining, they can accuse you of using mental acrobatics because they feel doing that will help them win the debate.

2. It is also called Mental Acrobatics

When you see someone trying to validate actions or justify their opinions about something, even though their opinions are not backed by any facts, they are performing mental acrobatics. It is a mental ability that can be efficient in tackling cognitive dissonance.

For instance, a Bible researcher can do mental acrobatics to convince himself the planks he found in the woods of an Australian mountain were the remains of Noah’s Ark.

Or an atheist can perform wild mental gymnastics to justify his hate towards Christians.

Someone can believe something so deeply-stupid and unreasonable that it’d take creating a new word in the English Language to validate their belief.


Mental Gymnastics Origin

When people wanted to blame others for their mistakes, they started performing mental gymnastics. They thought blaming others would help them cope better.

Mental gymnastics is a term that relates to the mind or an intellectual process. Inventive interpretations translate it as a series of complicated arguments made to rationalize irrational situations. Other people translate mental gymnastics as a stressful and logical thought system.

Santa Deniers use their mental gymnastics memes to come up with reasons why Santa exists and how their belief in Santa works for them even though there’s no substantial proof of Santa’s existence.

There are other defenses you can consider Santa Denier Mental Gymnastics besides creating memes, such as; projection, reaction formation, etc.


Mental Gymnastics Meaning

Mental gymnastics also known as mental acrobatics, is a slang term for the mental capacity that can be very efficient in addressing cognitive dissonance.

It can pass off as an exploitable counter-signal meme seeking to compare two groups of people having a clash of interests.

When you present an obvious truth to someone, and they do or say whatever they believe to be right in their minds, they are performing mental gymnastics.

Conspiracists and Theists are widely known to do mental acrobatics in informal debates.

Check out these examples of Mental Gymnastics –

1. Mark: “Hey Leila, you are gorgeous today.”

Leila: “Oh, you’re saying I’ve been looking like shit all my life. Also, you say that because I’m a white, sturdy woman. Saying that makes you a dumbass misogynist and a full-on racist. You, Mark, are a loser and a jerk. Do you know how emotionally draining and outright cumbersome it is to be a woman and look drop-dead gorgeous 24/7 to make heads turn in this society? You don’t! Because you’re a white male birthed with a silver spoon.”

Mark: “Leila, that was some wild mental acrobatics you did right there…”

2. Darius: “Luka, what’s the craziest mental gymnastics you’ve performed?”

Luka: “I calculated a compound interest in my head for two years while envisioning myself doing backflips.”

Darius: “Say no more. You’re crazy bro”.


Mental Gymnastics Psychology

Santa Denier Mental Gymnastics
ArtsyBee / Pixabay

This states that mental acrobatics occurs when our brains swirl into destructive thought patterns—creating arguments or excuses for unreasonable and stupid situations or actions.

Santa denier memes cover mental gymnastics and many other areas. You can create custom mental gymnastics memes or upload your images with fast mobile-friendly meme generators.

Some experts say that when a client is experiencing mental acrobatics, they may commonly ask questions relating to educational background, financial status, geographic location, nationality, and birthplace. Sometimes they’d ask this kind of questions more than required.



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