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Without a question, Bobby Fairways is a national treasure. His channel has a large number of fans that are essentially addicted to all of his content. And he has been binge-posting the entire season. Jet and the dynamite games come after Cutsy and Fat Perez! He has a fine selection of buds for playing companions.

It’s true that Bob should appear in a Ryder Cup golf humor section, while other people would disagree. Although not all of Robert Berger’s videos focus solely on golf, it is clear that he would become well-known at the Ryder Cup if he went for it.


Why We Love Robert Berger of Bob Does Sports

  1. The man is funny as heck
  2. He’s got some amazing golf content.
  3. He pulls off some incredible Bobby Fairways feats.
  4. He revealed his rapid improvement to everyone, which is why his material is underrated.
  5. He became so proficient at golf in such a short period of time.
  6. He’s got something real special going with the Brilliantly Dumb Show

From watching the Bob Does Sports video titled – Can We Finish 18 Beers in Nine Holes of Golf?, viewers were reminded just how much they want a Tour of America where the Bob Does Sports Crew does the same challenge in every state with two other random followers, and how it’d probably make for the greatest series of all time.

Because of the way the rolls were reversed, several people loved the episode. Bobby was as glazed as a Krispy Kreme, according to Joey, who insisted that he would need to consume more alcohol to carry the squad. Bob miraculously maintained his composure and actually helped the boys position themselves to win the title. Cutzy had a second beer and pretended to be a valuable contributor.


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Robert Berger Bob Does Sports
Golf, Illustration

If you only just came across Bob Does Sports through the Good Good guys, you would agree that the BDS Channel is without doubt one of the places to find the funniest golf videos on YouTube, so get ready to be in absolute stitches!