Ultimate Reception Technology In Gloves / Football

Remember that one time the crowd-funding site, IndieGoGo, started making the headlines for a campaign – Ultimate Reception? Well, turns out some secrets were unraveled as a result of the campaign.

Of course, many enthusiasts understand how magnetic gloves can enhance a player’s performance. This is because the ultimate reception technology in gloves is embedded with powerful magnets that pull in a specific layer of football leather. The magnets are sturdy enough to stick the ball to the glove amidst all the arm stretches and hit the player is bound to face.

But since the Green Bay Parkers game in the 2019 NFL world championship match, people started to notice other controversies surrounding the Ultimate Reception Technology Gloves for football.

Is the talk about NFL Receivers using magnetic gloves in football matches true? Could there be a link between the magnetic football gloves and the Rigged NFL talk? Is this perhaps the reason behind making the magnetic football gloves proven to improve catching ability?

Several queries have been popping up but we can only answer a few!

How Does The Ultimate Reception Technology In Gloves Work For Football?

Engineers Alex Heltzel and Long Snapper Cullen Loeffler Minnesota Vikings developed the glove magnets to work with Ultimate Reception Technology. The last time we heard from the duo, they were seeking $150,000 to support funding the project. Here’s how the magnetic football gloves work:

  • The magnets in the glove do not prevent players from throwing the ball because there are no magnets in some parts of the ball.
  • Promotions for the Ultimate Reception Gloves promise even newbie players the experience of playing “receiver and catch” like a pro.
  • With the gloves, a player can easily catch the ball with one hand even when diving.
  • It is no doubt how much fun the magnetic gloves look, but it isn’t yet clear how well the gloves would help in gripping a conventional football.
    The question is, would you use it?


The Ultimate Reception Gloves | A Possible NFL Technology?

The new controversy making the rounds is whether or not viewers caught D. Hopkins using Ultimate Reception Technology magnetic gloves during the football match. You will find conflicting assumptions about the match, but all of these thoughts point to one thing – Hopkins’ fingers seemed to snap to the ball. And it is making people talk!


What People Think?

  • People have begun to recognize the truth about the NFL.
  • The talks might all be a bunch of conspiracy theories.
  • That the game was only rigged in key-moments to get extra attention. The magnetic gloves show was just a tactic to entertain viewers and increase ratings.
  • It was unusual how flags were thrown consecutively in the Green Bay-Colts game in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter, confirming more suspicions.



Ultimate Reception Technology In Gloves Football
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You would agree that the slow-mo close-up of Hopkins’s fingers snapping to the ball looked unnatural and exactly how you would expect magnetic balls & gloves to interact with each other.

For people who never knew these magnetic gloves existed and were skeptical about the whole Ultimate Reception Technology talk, the video undoubtedly gave them a shock!