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Newcomers to Puttshack will undoubtedly join in on a culinary adventure of international cuisines that is both deeply inspired by and joyfully honors the incredibly various cultures, foods, and cuisines – both classic and contemporary, from all over the globe.
Puttshack promises of serving only the best home-made food.

A drink menu at Puttshack that can only be defined as their own love letter to the history of drinks is served alongside a diverse snack and street food-infused menu that may offer the best and most interesting range of foods to satisfy everyone’s appetites.

Have you never been to Puttshack? At Puttshack, your lunch will be enjoyed with your round of golf, and you might even come back for more.

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This Brief Intro!

Puttshack Menu
Puttshack Menu

Puttshack, the golfers’ meal hub, promises to serve handcrafted cocktails and flavors from across the world. So prepare to raise a glass in honor of the affluent old-timers, beach umbrella nutters, daring admirers, as well as everyone else.

Guess what Puttshack’s tagline is for their self-acclaimed worldwide flavors…

“A ‘cook’s kiss’ to the dishes that were skilfully diced, seasoned, grilled, heated, glazed, dunked, zested, and thwacked.”

Puttshack Menu | What’s Inside?

A wide collection of Stone-baked Pizzas!
In Puttshack’s stone-based pizza oven, freshly produced pizza dough is topped with classic Italian ingredients.

  • £8.25 for a 12″ pepperoni
    Over real Neapolitan tomato sauce, pepperoni and hand-torn mozzarella are offered.
  • Barbecue Chicken 12″ at £9.95
    BBQ sauce is drizzled on top of a dish with pulled chicken, roasted peppers, charred corn, fior di latte, and crispy shallots.
  • Three Cheese at 12″ and £8.25
    Fior di latte, caramelized red onions, smoked mozzarella, goat cheese, rosemary, and real Neapolitan tomato sauce.
  • £7.25 for a 12″ Margherita
    Melted hand-torn mozzarella topped with basil-infused oil and real Neapolitan tomato sauce.

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Puttshack Menu | The Bottom Line

Puttshack Menu
Puttshack Menu


There are non-gluten bases for all of the pizzas at Puttshack. Every attempt is made, in their opinion, to cut down the chances of cross contamination. Moreover, each pizza tray is used to cook just one pizza. However a single oven is used to cook every pizza.

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