Puttshack Atlanta

Anyone would enjoy the sophisticated, technologically advanced mini golf experience at Puttshack. Puttshack offers more than simply indoor mini golf; in addition to delivering top-notch food and a full bar in a hip setting, it also uses cutting-edge technology to upgrade the game.

The Puttshack
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With almost 100k followers on Instagram, Puttshack has cut across a large section of the United States with several locations including Atlanta. Track the stats of Puttshack in High Street, Atlanta here →

Puttshack – Atlanta

Get your game faces ready as Puttshack Atlanta starts off tournaments with tech-infused mini golf, which is ideal for family trips, friendly competition, and gatherings in our distinctive event spaces. In addition, Puttshack ATL provides Instagram-worthy aesthetics every day of the week and live DJs on the weekends. Odds are, you’ll build a big appetite with all of your wins! Puttshack guarantees to titillate your taste buds with cuisine from all over the world prepared by dedicated chefs and bartenders. You can look up Puttshack Atlanta on the interlock forum for more info.

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Puttshack Atlanta – Howell Mill

If you reside in Atlanta, you can find Puttshack Atlanta location in 1115 Howell Mill Road, NW, GA 30318-6285. You can get quick directions to Puttshack Atlanta Howell Mill on Google maps and MapQuest. You gain access to VIP events, special deals, and a complimentary round of mini golf on your birthday when you sign up for Puttshack Perks. If you’re up for some partying, be aware that Puttshack Atlanta is unlike any other private event space, happy hour hotspot, or family-friendly establishment. Well, that’s what they claim, so go verify!

By now, you know what to do if you’re organizing a birthday party, high school reunion, company party, or simply want to create some memories with the crew.

Puttshack – Atlanta | Reviews & Impression

Due to its clean facilities, secure surroundings, pleasant staff, simple registration process, high-tech putt putt, vibrant music, plenty of laughter, and excitement, Puttshack has been hailed as the perfect setting for date nights and couples outings. On a Saturday afternoon, couples can enjoy a romantic adventure at the Puttshack. The cuisine and drinks are well-received and excellent. Puttshack is an excellent choice for a trip with pals. The bartenders provide excellent margaritas. The staff is welcoming and is reputed to perform an excellent job of evenly spacing the players to prevent crowding.

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Puttshack ATL | Conclusion

Puttshack-Atlanata howell mill
Puttshack atl

Without a doubt, Puttshack Atlanta is a great destination to have fun during the day. Several customer evaluations can attest to how amazing the location and mini golf course are, as well as how much fun the technology courses are. The only restriction on entry after 8 o’clock that you might object to is that you must be over 21. Hence, if you’re 18, you’d be better off picking a different spot.

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