Patent Pending Disc Golf

Now, we are not talking about Patent Pending as a disc golf throw technique that commentators talk about now and then. The patent pending we are discussing today is an online disc golf store.

Patent Pending Disc Golf is not your regular online disc golf store.

Complete with Westside Golf Discs, Dynamic Discs, Prodigy Disc, Latitude 64, Trilogy, Discmania, and everything Discraft, the Patent Pending Disc Golf Store will take your game to the next level.

Many claim that upon purchasing discs from Patent Pending, shipping is extremely fast, and you receive email notifications once the store creates a shipping label for your order.


Why Patent Pending Disc Golf?

The Brand dedicates its time and resources to providing players with discs and equipment of superior quality so that playing the game of disc golf becomes more enjoyable for people.

Their online disc golf store stands out for offering Money Back Guarantee. This way, buyers can either get the item they ordered or have their money refunded.


Any Other Alternatives?

Are you looking for other disc golf disc sites besides patent disc golf?

There are tons of disc golf disc sites where you can get disc golf resources, but not all disc golf disc sites can give you all you need for a satisfying game of disc golf.

Besides Patent Pending Disc Golf, Foundation Disc Golf is another online disc golf store that has met the expectations of many disc golfers and promises to keep delivering quality.

Foundation Disc Golf says they are a disc golf retail store committed to giving people the necessary discs and add-ons in their bags to improve their gameplay. They sell disc golf discs, equipment, accessories, and apparel.

So if you want the necessary tools to build your disc golf game, Foundation Disc Golf is a store you could try without regrets.


The Takeout

Patent pending disc golf
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I’ve seen a lot of cases where disc golfers buy fake equipment simply because they came across the wrong disc golf disc sites.

While I am not implying that every other online disc golf store besides the ones listed in this guide is fake, I am saying the online stores mentioned in this guide are an excellent place to start if you are a newbie to the disc golf market.

Also, this content will save you the stress of scrolling through hundreds of online stores before finding the quality disc golf tools you want.

That said, have a splendid week!



1. Which store has the Raptorious Disc?

The Foundation Disc Golf store sells the Raptorious Disc as their newest overstable fairway from Discraft.

Also known as The Raptor, the Raptorious Disc disc gives a consistent flight in any condition and has a comfortable rim feel.

You can find The Raptor in other disc golf disc sites and stores like the InfiniteDiscs. However, Foundation Disc Golf is the primary dealer and distributor of the Raptorious Disc.

2. What is Lucky Disc Golf

Lucky Disc Golf is the name of an online disc golf store that deals in disc golf discs and resources.

Like the Patent Pending Disc Golf and the Foundation Disc Golf labels, Lucky Disc Golf partners with worldwide leaders in disc golf like Innova. They only sell discs that have been rated high by general buyer statistics.

3. Where does Patent Pending Disc Golf get its name?

The label has not shared clear details about why they named their company after the ambiguous term, Patent Pending.

However, many followers of the brand claim that the disc golf company is named after the disc golf throw technique called Patent Pending, not the Patent Pending in the negotiation process for licensing products which you may already be familiar with.