Who is Micah Morris Wife?

With over 100,000 fans on TikTok, the professional golfer, Micah Morris, kicked off a career on YouTube by giving out golf advice, game highlights, and sharing tips. Currently, he has over 300,000 subscribers.

The professional YouTube Golfer has a wife who goes by the title – Micah Morris Wife. Hopefully, this guide will change that.

Micah Morris and his wife got married in 2018. They both share his competitive tournaments.

The entrepreneur built a chronicling golf brand that goes by the title Micah Morris Golf, and we observe that he didn’t achieve all his feats singlehandedly.

He had support. And he has openly revealed how much he adores his wife and appreciates her contributions to his success story.


Who is Micah Morris’s Wife?

Early this year 2022, Morris identified Katie as his wife on his YouTube channel.
The 26-year-old golfer maintains that his wife is an entrepreneur, and has been aiding him in his goals. And more importantly, Micah Morris’ wife has a name – Katie Morris.

We see how much Morris acknowledges his wife’s efforts from his TikTok tag line where he wrote – I love golf and I love my wife.

For those of you asking if Micah Morris has a girlfriend, he has a wife, not a girlfriend, as seen on his Instagram bio that he is a married man. Katie’s Instagram handle is @katiegirlmorris.


Micah Morris Age

Micah Morris’s date of birth, family, education, and other personal details have not been publicly disclosed. The only thing we know about Micah Morris’s age is that the golfer is 27 years old this year 2022, and is married to his wife, Katie.


Micah Morris Golf Net Worth

An impressive $2 million is the anticipated net worth of the pro golfer Micah Morris, as of 2022. The American YouTuber and Golf Fanatic make a lot of money from videos shared in the lifestyle, golf, and sports categories.

The estimated revenue Micah Morris earns from his job as a golfer, his audience, and the advertising revenue from his channel boils down to $120,000 per annum.


Micah Morris Pro Golfer

Micah Morris Pro Golfer is the title that defines Morris as a professional golfer. Micah Morris uploads regular golf tactics on his YouTube channel as he competes against six other golfers in matches.

Morris is a part of the GoodGood YouTube golfer crew, where he joins six other golfers, competing in tournaments and uploading three videos weekly.

The channel has over 14 million subscribers. Micah Marris, a pro-golfer, and sports enthusiast is undoubtedly a professional at what he does.


Micah Morris Instagram

The professional golfer, Micah Morris, has his Official Instagram account under the handle, @micahmorrisgolf.


Micah Morris Golf Tournament 2022

In April 2022, Morris rounded up his golf tournament standing at Position T33 in round one, and +2 scores under 74 strokes.

Here’s a brief breakdown:

  • Summary

Par 5
Par 4
Par 3

  • Highlights

3 birdies in a row on holes 3,4,5
-4 on Front 9


Northern Texas PGA R1
PAR 5 -1
PAR 4 +1
PAR 3 +2

  • Break Par

2022-03-30 1-Day Major – TPC Las Colinas Skins 0 1.0 1.00 0.00 150

2022-03-30 1-Day Major – TPC Las Colinas 1 Day Net 110 2.0 71.00 0.00 2500

2022-05-19 Firewheel Lakes 1 Day Net 20 31.0 81.00 0.00 0

If you want to compare and see more details about Micah Morris’s Gross Tournament Results for 2021 and 2022, see Fairway Golf Tour.



Micah Morris Wife
Golf club and ball

We have seen how much of a support system Micah Morris wife is for him.

Whether you know about Micah Morris for the Micah Morris Golf Pants Trend, or you know him for his milestones on the golf course, I’m positive you’ve picked something from this content.