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Micah Morris and Grant Horvat, two former members of the Good Good, were named as TaylorMade Golf’s newest equipment partners in January 2023. You might believe the rumors were circulating for weeks because we’ve recently seen Micah and Grant together in San Diego.

After previously securing Major winners Brooke Henderson and Nelly Korda for 2023, TaylorMade has now revealed two new signings – Micah Morris and Grant Horvat, who were formerly of Good Good, have joined the company after leaving the well-known YouTube channel that now has more than 1 million members.


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Recall that Morris and Horvat left Good Good in a fairly contentious decision late last year. Garrett Clark, popularly known as GM Golf, Tom Broders, also known as “Bubbie Golf,” Stephen Castaneda, Matt Scharff, Colin Ross, and Luke Kwon, a former champion of the China PGA Tour, make up Good Good, which brands themselves as “6 dudes, 1 golf channel.”

Callaway Golf and the company signed a contract a few days ago.


Micah Morris And TaylorMade


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Micah, commonly known as “Tig,” is thought to have departed the business to seek a career as a professional golfer. Garrett Clark of Good Good claimed in a video that Horvat, who played collegiate golf at Palm Beach Atlantic University, left “to do his own thing, he wants to exclusively have his own brand, his own channel.”


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Grant Horvat And TaylorMade

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According to Broders, the guys did everything they could to persuade Grant to stay. He claimed that the Good Good Guys did everything they could to entice him to stay but that he insisted on leaving to pursue his own interests despite their best efforts.


The Big Picture

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Grant Horvat has 322k subscribers and 290k Instagram followers, while Micah Morris currently has 395k YouTube subscribers and 263k Instagram followers.

Although TaylorMade has already signed four well-known players this year, Sergio Garcia recently left the company to join LIV Golf. The name of the 2017 Masters winner is no longer displayed on the business’ website. Prior to the beginning of the LIV Golf League at the end of February, Garcia makes his first start of 2023 at the Saudi International on the Asian Tour the following week.


Micah & Grant | TaylorMade

The agreement between Morris/Horvat and TaylorMade was reached just a few weeks after their ex-partners reportedly agreed to an enormously lucrative contract with Callaway that included a joint venture club agreement with Good Good clubs.

Many fans are unsure of what the future holds for the young talents because neither Morris nor Horvat have released a video or made a statement regarding the collaboration. However, both teased the online golf community on YouTube with short, hot clips.


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