Micah Morris Leaves Good Good Golf

Back to the Fact or Cap Series, here’s our favorite YouTuber Golfer, Micah Morris from Good Good Golf, as the topic of discussion. Even though it hasn’t been officially clarified, what the majority of us believe is that Micah is not with Good Good anymore. But what we don’t know is why.

Conner From Divot Dudes Golf said Micah Morris left Good Good. He said he thinks Micah’s reason for leaving Good Good is due to some beef amidst the group because he’s got huge deals with different brands, or strictly because he’s trying to go pro. Conner said he believes his second prediction may be the case.

Remember that Micah has thought about trying to go pro for so long. He has been doing the Korn ferry and the qualifiers, so it’s not a surprise that he’s using this time to work towards achieving his goals.


Micah Morris Leaves Good Good | Fact or Cap?

Of course, if Micah wants to go pro he would need to get off YouTube and get into serious training with no distractions. If you check well, you’d hardly find any trending PGA guys on YouTube except for Bryson. But we do recall seeing Micah have some crybaby moments on Good Good when he lost challenges. So it is not strange to know that he sees getting off YouTube as a real step in trying to go pro.

The bottom line is that Micah is a grown man with a Wife and grown-up problems and responsibilities. We guess he is turning a new leaf at the moment. Micah may not be up for monthly trips, serious practice, collaborations, and everything else with Good Good, but of course, we hope that there is no beef involved.

Seeing how neither Micah Morris nor the rest of Good Good has made an official statement about Micah’s current break from Good Good, the speculations tagged Micah Leaves Good Good fall under the ‘Cap’ category. So yes, as of the time of this publication, ‘Micah Leaves Good Good’ is still a cap, not a fact!

Micah Morris Leaves Good Good | Our Best Guess —

Micah Morris leaves good good golf

Many Good Good Supporters guess Micah’s absence is due to Going Pro, conflicting schedules, and the pay structure with Good Good. Micah is one of six to eight employees with Good Good Golf, and each member is on some sort of fixed income with possibly profit sharing. But with Micah’s channel, he’s taking a hundred percent. And of course, trying to pro means you don’t have time to film with Good Good three to five times a week.

We love Micah Morris for his refined and mature nature. He is very serious about a professional golf career vs a YouTube career, so whether he stays in Good Good Golf or not is his decision to make. We’d love for Micah to live his life while trying to go through and join the PGA Tower.

“This is his life decision, not anybody else’s. So he’d be better off doing what makes him happy.”