How Old is Micah Morris?

Want to know Micah Morris’s Age? You’ve bumped into the go-to content! But before we dive in, let’s trail a little bit –

Micah Morris is a professional YouTube Golfer, and a part of the Good Good Golf Crew. As a decent man, many fans of Micah’s work are excited to see how he progresses. Micah, as you may know is already an excellent golfer. He is an Amazing Talent, and he doesn’t stop honing his skills, but the pinpoint focus comes and goes.

The six members of Good Good Golf are phenomenal together. All their different personalities are what made the Good Good content much better. With over 340,000 subscribers on his YouTube,
and more than 240,000 followers on Instagram, Micah Morris has a supportive Fan-base.



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Seeing how Micah’s fans support him and watch him grow his professional golf career, one can only say Micah should do what works best for him and what makes him happy.

Apart from the fact that Micah is a joy to watch, he is also always competitive. Sometimes, his competitiveness is extreme, and it has created some awkward moments with Good Good over the years, but it will take him places.


How Old Is Micah Morris?

The professional YouTube Golfer, Tig Morris, was born on March 3, 1995. This makes him 27 years as of 2022. Micah is happily married to his wife Katie @KatieMorris. Together, the couple make golf videos and upload on their social accounts. Micah continues to post golf advice and resources on YouTube Channel.


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Micah Morris Good Good| What He’s Been Doing

With the many controversies making the rounds about Micah leaving Good Good because of some beef, one can envision what a hassle it’d be for Micah. However, Micah clarified that there’s no beef and that he’s been training to go pro and beat the Korn Ferry Tour.

You would imagine how chasing pro and filming for Good Good are two things that can’t co-exist easily. Pro level requires a full commitment. Whatever it is, fans can’t hide their excitement about Tig’s achievement, wishing him and the rest of Good Good Guys the best!

We’ve seen testimonies of older guys who don’t quite relate to a lot of the Good Good guys, say Tig is the reason they followed Good Good. It’s not hard to understand their thoughts, seeing how Tig brings that tone of maturity and level-headedness to the group. Tig is very down-to-earth and you can tell he’s a great person.


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A Fair Verdict 

One of the reasons it’s hard to start a “Brand” and have professional aspirations is future sponsorships. Good Good Golf went towards starting a brand as opposed to brand deals. Gonna be hard to separate from that in the future.

Many GG fans fully support Tig’s move. He has the length to be on the tour. Whenever his short game is on we can see some competitive finishes from him. We are keen to see where this takes him!