Meal Plan Balance SDSU

“For em’ cyclers, this one is for you…”

Whether you’re a student or just an everyday sporty guy, everyone desires the perfect meal plan balance and everything in between.

Don’t misunderstand this, though –

This handbook is not just for students who attend San Diego State University. Every sports lover who lives inside or beyond the SDSU boundaries must read this stuff.

First things first –

When we discuss a balanced meal plan, the first idea that typically comes to mind is a balanced diet that provides all the nutrients your body needs for energy while participating in physical activity.
Of course, we’re going to take you on a voyage through the concept of the ideal meal balance with regard to obtaining the essential nutrients on your sports palate. But after that, we’ll discuss the real SDSU meal balance, which is the focus of this article and will be extremely helpful to individuals who are looking for it.

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Meal Plan Balance SDSU| This Lengthy Intro!

Every sports person, not only sporty men but everyone in general, requires a healthy nutrition plan. A healthy meal plan must include a balanced diet as a need. Most people would concur that finally finishing school and no longer having to worry about completing homework, examinations, and exams may be major factors in an unbalanced diet.

What if we told you that –

According to recent research, independent adults who are not bound by academic obligations are more inclined to eat unhealthy fats and overindulge in meals.
The truth is that, for the most part, being a student prevents you from overindulging and exercising excessive caution, especially since you never know where your next meal will come from. We may be discussing how the SDSU meal balance is great for everyone, including athletes and sports fanatics, even though the context of financial hardship isn’t the perspective we are looking at in the domain of studentship.

What is The Ideal Meal Plan Balance For The Sporty You!

The fundamental meal plan should be adequate to:

  • Encourage athletes’ both immediate and long-term health.
  • Promote enough water intake to be as hydrated as possible before, during, and after exercise.
  • Allow the athlete to reach ideal body weight and body fat percentages for performance
  • To improve long-term eating habits and behaviors, incorporate a range of foods such wholegrain breads and cereals, vegetables (especially leafy green kinds), fruit, lean meat, and low-fat dairy products.
  • Supply enough energy and nutrients to satisfy the needs of training and exercise
  • Improve adaptation and recovery between training sessions.

Furthermore, the diet for athletes should be comparable to that advised for the general public, with energy intake broken down into: 45 to 65% from carbohydrates, 15 to 25% from protein, and 20 to 35% from fat.

SDSU Meal Balance | About?

Students at San Diego State University and locals have access to high-quality dining options thanks to SDSU Dining.
The remaining balance is always visible following the completion of a transaction. Your meal plan balance will be displayed if you use your card at a Dining Services location and money is deducted from your meal plan.
The only thing on the card would be Hobo Dough if you used it at a soda machine.

Your credential will appear on your smartphone or tablet during the process when utilizing your tablet or smart phone for entry or checkout and will display the balance of your account. At the moment, only Apple devices may access this.

The Card Services Office staff can print a statement of all transactions done on your account for a specified time period if you have queries regarding your account. Online statements and balances are also available.

Meet The Chefs of SDSU – The masterminds behind SDSU’s culinary delights

1. Chef Manager Miguel Mejia

The chef manager for UTK is Miguel Mejia. Miguel, a chef with 26 years of experience, formerly worked at the San Diego Country Club before joining Aztec Stores. Chef Miguel is descended from a family of chefs. His aunt introduced him to the industry and is a chef herself. His mother managed her own restaurant in Tijuana.

Chef Miguel’s objective includes expanding Faculty-Staff Club’s harvest-to-table program and improving client experiences via culinary excellence. He said that he enjoys forming friendships through cooking and intends to continue doing so at SDSU for a very long time.

2. Senior pastry chef Jessica Wylie

The executive pastry chef at the SDSU Dining Bakeshop is Jessica Wylie. Jessica began working with SDSU Dining in 1997 as a scratch baker after receiving classical training from an Austrian Master Pastry Chef. She soon changed the bakeshop with her creative pastry recipes.

Student pleasure, according to Jessica, is the best part of her profession. She said that she enjoys making people happy and that all she needs is to hear that someone really liked SDSU’s most recent croissant. Jessica, a native of San Diego, has spent more than 25 years working in the city’s food industry. Jessica is dedicated to offering the greatest products to SDSU using only natural ingredients and traditional ways.

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Meal Plan Balance SDSU | Contact

The goal of SDSU Dining is to consistently go above and beyond for customers in order to become the preferred dining option for the whole campus community.

In order to give our customers a fantastic dining experience, they are dedicated to delivering the SDSU community of students, parents, instructors, and staff with great food and great service.

Visit the Aztec Stores website at for further details regarding the remainder of the SDSU meal plan. For further details: San Diego State University’s main office number is (619) 594-7640, and its mailing address is San Diego, California, zip code 92182-1701. Email:

SDSU Balance|Student Meal Plan Balance

Enter your RED ID to view the balance of your SDSU food plan. Furthermore, during the three scheduled change weeks listed below, residents of University housing may modify their meal arrangements. Flex 5, Flex 7, and Meals Plus are the three standard plans available to freshmen students, whereas the four options available to second year/upper division residents are – 2nd Year Plan, Meals Plus, Flex 7, and Flex 5.

By agreeing to a new contract with the SDSU Dining Office, the meal plan holder may alter their meal selection. The SDSU Dining office is in the Education Building, room 112. You can update your meal plan during the specified times by going there.

At the time of the request, a $10 change fee is necessary. You can pay using debit, credit, or cash. Changes to meal plans can be made from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3 pm. Requests must originate from students, who are the account holders, directly. Once chosen, cancellations are not possible at any time, irrespective of the year.

Please take note that while leaving the Meals Plus Plan or 2nd Year Plan, no remaining balances from your previous plan will transfer.


Meal Plan Balance SDSU

Meal BalanceSdsu meal plan balanceCall SDSU Dining at (619) 594-7640 if you need help or have any additional inquiries. If you have any questions, you can contact the dining office via email at, which is in room 112 of the Education Building.

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