Marina Bay Golf Course

If you’ve ever searched for the best golf courses in Singapore, the Marina Bay Golf Course must have popped up on your screen because it is the only 18-hole public golf course the Global Financial City has.

Southeast Asia is known for many things. From luxurious hotels and amazing seafood to waterfalls and botanical gardens, the continent has it all. But there’s something a lot of folks always leave out when describing the famous city. Singapore offers the finest traditional links-style golf courses, and that’s on period!

The Marina Bay Golf Course is one of the masterpieces of South African Designer, Phil Jacobs. The award-winning public golf course is one of a few outstanding links-styled known to offer a challenging yet beautiful landscape.

Singapore has many golf courses. But how many of them are public? I know of the exquisiteness and luxury the city boasts of, but most people want golf courses that are ultra-modern and free to all. Otherwise, why would you be scanning through this guide?


Overview of The Public Golf Course

There are so many online golf bookings in Singapore for golf courses. The city is packed with many golf clubs. I bet this ain’t the first time you’re hearing of the Sentosa Golf Club.

The Sentosa Golf Club is a well-known private golf club, and I am saying this to give you a relatable example of what you’ll find in many Singaporean golf clubs.

The truth is, Public Golf Courses are not a norm in the city, and that’s why the Marina Bay Golf Course has been impressing golfers over the years.

Only 20 minutes from the Singaporean airport and a 15-minute drive from the city, the Marina Bay Golf Course is the only single-standing and top-rated public golf course the city can boast of. And that’s not an impressive stat if you’d ask me. But it’s fair anyway!

There are many hotels near Marina Bay Golf Course, but that’s not how you’d easily find the course. Downtown Singapore is the Marina Course, giving golfers a picturesque view of the city skyline any time of the day, along with unmatched accessibility.

The Marina Bay Golf Course is located in #01-01, 80 Rhu Cross, Singapore 437437, and is only 18 mins from City Center


Marina Bay Golf Course Redevelopment

Marina Bay Golf Course
Antony Trivet at Pexels

When we say Marina Bay Golf Course Redevelopment, we are talking about the recorded milestones in the golf course’s redesign and maintenance. It will interest you to know that, the Marina Bay Golf Course has witnessed some developments since 2006.

Opened in the year 2006, and rated number 1 among the best golf courses in Singapore, the Marina Bay Golf Course ushered in the unrivaled par-6 hole on the island, and they didn’t end there. The public golf platform brought two configurations in one course, making it stand as a rare attraction hub.

The signature holes of the course have always included a par-3 13th, 651-meter par-6 4th hole. But there’s been a new addition – the Marina Bay Putting Course.

A 6-hole par-24 putting course with 211 meters of natural grass putting surface. The distinguished design with undulations, holes of varying lengths, and precise contouring make putting competitive and fun for Golfers of all skill levels.

Notable Mentions

The course has a golf academy, My Golf Kaki Club, a pro shop, 3 practice greens, and a car detailing workshop. Golfers can visit any of these facilities after a golf game to relax. If you’re visiting, you can head to the Canopy Café where you’ll get a beautiful view of the golf course.

Singapore’s Marina Bay Golf Course is a Links-style Layout providing a competitive round with different hole lengths, undulating fairways, and 85 bunkers. In May 2019, the Marina Golf Club introduced a fresh course configuration to give golfers all the variety they crave.

The Marina Bay Golf Course comes with some rules. You might want to review those before making any huge decisions.


Marina Country Club Booking

Do you want to do some Marina Country Club Booking or Marina Bay Golf Course Booking? Whatever you’re feeling like doing, if it’s about Marina, this guide will surely help, I assure you!

You are faced with a list of services offered at the course. Select the service you prefer and make a booking request. You can enquire for more details about the Club’s Services from the consultants before booking.

You can customize your booking by including additional services, hotels, and transfers. All you need to do is contact Marina Golf Course Consultants for great deals and golf packages.

Feel free to check their official website for more details.


Marina Bay Golf Course Price

As I mentioned before, when searching for the best golf courses in Singapore, the Marina Bay Golf Courses is usually top of the list. Hence, you can’t separate the best golf courses in Singapore from the Marina Bay Golf Course. If you get what I mean.

For visitors, prices for full 18-hole golfing experiences run from S$130 on weekdays to S$225 on weekends.

Check out the Marina Bay Golf Course price listings below:

  • Night Golf Surcharge (4:36 pm – 5:40 pm) – SGD 30
  • Evening Golf Surcharge (3:32 pm – 4:28 pm) – SGD 15
  • 18 Hole Weekend Golf Price – SGD 271
  • 18 Hole Weekday Golf Price – SGD 169

Note that buggy and insurance are included in the price of services at Marina Bay Public Golf Course. Evening or night golf is only open on weekdays.
Residents of Singapore can use the “Pay Now” option to make purchases on the official website.

You can make cancellations up to 3 days before the tee-off date. However, you may incur some charges.


Marina Bay Driving Range Opening Hours

Apart from assuming the title of one of the top-rated public golf courses in Singapore, the Marina Bay Golf Course is one of a few golf courses in the city known to offer night golfing, which is ideal for busy executives.

Also, the Golf course is home to one of the largest driving ranges. We are talking about a 4-tier driving range with 114 fully operational bays that begin every day from morning to night.

The Marina Bay driving range opening hours are 7:00 am to 10:45 pm daily. Monday mornings are excluded.

But let me add –
You might want to look into their terms and conditions before deciding if you are ready for the thrill and hassle of everything.



Is the Marina Bay Golf Course closing?

Claims about whether the Marina Bay Golf Course is closing or not have not announced publicly by the company.




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