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Maria Oliva Disc Golf is a generic topic that covers the feats of the rising star in the sport of disc golf through the person of Maria Oliva.

We all know that disc golf is the sport of throwing a disc at a target while running or walking on a course of grass or natural terrain. While disc golf is played all over the world, it remains most popular in the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe.

The sport is enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels, from casual players to professionals. And that’s why, the sport can choose anyone, from old folks to young pals like Maria Oliva.

Disc golf is played both for recreation and as a competitive sport. The basic rules of disc golf are easy to learn and anyone can play. Maria Oliva has indicated that her reasons for playing disc golf cover recreational and competitive reasons.


Maria Oliva Disc Golf: Her Course Choices

There are different types of disc golf: traditional disc golf (also known as “golf”), freestyle disc golf (also known as “freestyle”), mini disc golf, and so on. We have come to believe that Maria Oliva is a sucker for all kinds of disc golf as long as it has a Disc attached to the Golf.

Some courses require discs to be thrown at specific targets; others do not. Some courses have multiple baskets arranged in a chain; other courses only have one basket per hole.

Many parks now feature paths specifically designated for people playing disc golf, making it easier than ever to get out and play!

Maria has made us understand that because disc golf courses vary in length, with professional tournaments lasting anywhere from one to 18 holes, disc golfers can dictate how far they’d go.

Here in lies, the versatility of the sport called Disc Golf through the eyes of Maria!


Maria Oliva In The Bag!

Maria resides in Rowlett, Texas, United States. She has bagged over 43 wins in PDGA to her honor and has estimated career earnings of over $29,000 as of 2022.

Maria began a one-year contract extension with Innova Discs on March 18, 2022.


Maria Oliva Age

As a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association since 2014, Maria Oliva had begun making noise for herself in the realm of disc golf and turning heads from the young age of 17.

Even though Maria’s Dad had been playing disc golf years before, she was never enthusiastic about the sport until her freshman year of high school. She once mentioned that she has a love/hate relationship with disc golf.


Maria Oliva Instagram

Maria Oliva Disc Golf
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From a young age, Maria had started taking on some powerhouse women in the sport of disc golf. Is not hard to see that she’s the next big thing, so watch out for her this season. Also, add her to your team if you must.

On Instagram, you can access Maria Olive through her handle (@mo_1029), and on Twitter, you can reach her with her Twitter account handle, (@_maria1029).



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