Lee Mariotti IU Basketball

Speaking of backed-up controversies, here’s one that centers on Lee Mariotti IU Basketball.

Even though today’s discussion is nothing close to a mentor-mentee series, the basketball attached to Mariotti’s name does serve a purpose. For one, we know Lee Mariotti is an IU basketball player. IU is short for Indiana University.

Lee’s sport status as a University Student isn’t what sparked a reaction on the web space. On April 4, 2022, some news reached us that an Indiana University Basketball Player, Xavier Johnson, and Indiana University Student, Lee Mariotti, were both arrested.


Breaking The Ice

Many sources claimed a felony charge was made against Xavier, following an arrest that same April. And in several ways, we have seen the media back up these claims.

Reports revealed that, besides Lee and Xavier, a third person sat in the car – Parker Stewart, a former Indiana Basketball Player. They were taken into custody.

Later in August, the felony charge against Xavier Johnson was dropped. Xavier Johnson had swapped seats with Indiana University student Lee Mariotti, leading to the confusion with the police deputy who chased them.


Headlined Reports

HeraldTimes reported that at that moment, a witness by the name Moulden, admitted to seeing Lee Mariotti alight from the car and switch seats with IU student, Xavier Johnson.

On August 23, 2022, IU’s Xavier Johnson pled guilty to reckless driving, after which the county dropped all charges against him.

I suppose you’ve come across the news headline – After driving 90 mph, police arrest IU Basketball Player. Xavier reportedly changed seats with Mariotti, and a third person was in the vehicle – Parker Stewart.

Only a few hours after the arrest, Sheriff Brad Swain from Monroe County reported that IU’s basketball player, Xavier, was driving 90 mph up Walnut Street and didn’t stop until a police deputy chased him.

He said Xavier Johnson was arrested due to a felony charge on the grounds of reckless driving and resistance to law enforcement, which is a violation.

Providing specific details on the arrest of IU’s Xavier Johnson and Lee Mariotti, Monroe County Sheriff Brad Swain concluded with statements of their overnight arrest, on a felony charge of misdemeanor, reckless driving, and resisting law enforcement with a vehicle.


News Releases

The Sheriff’s office released a report that an officer paroling on North Walnut Street, came across a Dodge Charger driving 90 mph.

The officer who is a police deputy, started a chase with the driver of the Charger, and both were heading downtown Bloomington. This happened around 3 am. The driver of the Charger did not pull over.

The statement revealed that the reckless driver ignored a stop sign and knowingly barged into an apartment complex. The officer who had been pursuing the Charger, saw the driver from a distance, alight from the vehicle, and switch seats with Indiana student, Lee Mariotti.

The driver who swapped seats with Mariotti was later identified as Xavier Johnson. Xavier Johnson and Lee Mariotti were both arrested.

A third person in the car, identified as Parker Stewart, a former Indiana University basketball player was also taken into custody and questioned. Stewart declined to tell the officers who was driving the vehicle during the pursuit. No charges were laid against him.

Xavier was taken to the Monroe County Correction Center. Not long after, he was released from jail on a $500 cash bond, and a $2,000 surety bond. This was after dribbling around a Buckeye defender.

Mariotti on the other hand was charged with false information for lying to the police about driving the car, even though he admitted to doing so to cover for the other occupants. He was released from jail after.

IU’s Xavier Johnson who will be 23 years old in October 2022, is a native of Woodbridge, VA, and played three years at Pittsburgh before transferring to IU last spring. He commenced 34 games at point guard for IU this season during the Hoosiers’ 21-14 season.

Johnson was suspended earlier this year, February 8, along with four other teammates, including Stewart, for missing a game and violating curfew.
Mariotti had earned honorable mentions in his journey with IU, especially this past season.

Indiana University declined to release a statement on Sunday after Johnson and Mariotti’s arrest.

The Take-out

Mariotti was charged with falsifying information because he told the police he was driving the car during the pursuit He was also released from jail.

Parker Stewart was not charged, but declined to tell the police the identity of the driver of the Charger during the pursuit. All occupants of the vehicle were eventually released.

Even though today’s content won’t serve as an ideal mentor-mentee series unlike our previous discussions, it will serve as something you can learn from.

Besides the updates listed, there’s always more to see on Lee Mariotti IU Basketball, so check in anytime!


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