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Having worn a beard that would make most men envious, John Daly, who has gone by the monikers The Lion, Wild Thing, and Long John in the past, returned to the golfing spotlight this past weekend looking more like Santa Claus than a two-time major champion.

Daly and Little John won the PNC Championship by holding off challenges from some great golfing teams, including Tiger and Charlie Woods (who came in second behind Little John and his father), Justin Thomas and his father Mike, and many other notable golfers like Trevino, Player, and Singh.

In the realm of golf, Daly attracted attention not only for his excellent performance, which was obvious to all but also for his festive look, which included a gorgeous beard that even the most passionate Father Christmas would be proud of. Daly came to terms with this appearance as he stayed for some photos with Sir Nick Faldo in a Santa Claus suit during the pre-tournament dinner.


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There are many reasons why John Daly is considered somewhat of a cult icon in the golf community, including his infamous Loudmouth golf trousers, his freewheeling demeanor, and his colorful past. Among the many reasons we’ve grown to appreciate him, his swing tops the list and is a golf radar check.



The moment Jack Nicklaus saw Daly’s incredible backswing for the first time, he exclaimed, “Good gosh, what a coil, what a releasing of power. Who he reminds me of is unclear. No one has ever struck the ball that far in my observation.” One of the most amazing sights you’ll see on a golf course, the unconventional wind-up has contributed its fair share of balls to lakes, forests, and freeways.

Every golfer, well, even non-golfer, must have it on their bucket list to play a round of golf with JD. On the back-off challenge, we saw how JD gave a brief, open-ended response so he could take a swing and come up with the best response, which he did.
On Country Club Adjacent, the YouTube channel of four stand-up comedians uniquely playing golf, the back-off challenge with John Daly was highlighted. And it’s not the first time we’ve seen the boys compete in a high-stakes match against John Daly, the man who started it all.

Let’s go back to their encounter with John Daly at the Florida golfer’s home course in Clearwater –

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John Daly, a two-time major champion, is a character not everyone can reckon with, especially for his wild record in and outta’ the course, including getting arrested in 2008 and undergoing treatment twice for alcohol use disorders.
One of the top controversial record holders in golf is John Daly. Thanks to his flashy attire, recognizable blonde mullet, and mustache, golf playboy John Daly is one of the sport’s most colorful humans.

The golf world has never seen someone quite like the man known as “Wild Thing,” whose wild lifestyle includes trashing hotel rooms, smoking 40 cigarettes a day, and having four ex-wives. Daly made a big splash in the early 1990s after winning the USPGA Championship in 1991 despite just making an emergency substitute appearance.
Nick Price withdrew the day before the competition because his wife went into labor, which allowed Daly to take his position as the ninth and final alternate.

And since, Daly’s escapades off the course—the 56-year-old has twice sought alcoholism treatment—have frequently overshadowed his skill on the course.

Daly’s struggle with alcohol led to his arrest in 2008, and after he passed out in a North Carolina Hooters, authorities released his mugshot. For the incident, he wasn’t detained though. As reported by the Daily Mail, he has also in the past calculated that he has lost more than £50 million gambling. He also consumes 12 cans of diet coke every day, according to the article, and smokes 40 Marlboro cigarettes daily.