Is Micah Morris sponsored by Cobra?

Many times, we’ve heard people ask – Is Micah Morris sponsored? Others like to think of Cobra as Micah’s top sponsor. You’ll understand why as we go further.

First of all, when comparing sponsors and brand ambassadors, you must first understand that sponsorships are more or less one-time programs. Brand ambassadors on the other hand are the face of a brand, and they maintain that status for as long as the contract lasts.

A brand ambassador is a paid influencer who upholds the image of a Brand for the long term. An influencer may be brought on board for a long-term or short-term, depending on the length of the deal.

Sponsors and brand ambassadors are two different marketing approaches with the same objective of reaching a wide audience.


The Brand Called Cobra Golf

Known to provide accessories, clubs, custom fitting, Arxos Caddie, on-tour services, and sales for almost anything about golf, Cobra Golf is a top-notch golf equipment manufacturer, dominating in the golf club category. The company is committed to offering high-quality, high-performance products and resources for zealous golfers.

Now, Micah is an Ambassador and a Brand Influencer for Cobra Golf. You can verify this information on the official Tour Staff | Cobra Golf website.

Micah (@micahmorrisgolf) is one of the many Ambassadors for the Cobra Brand.

Here is a list of Cobra Ambassadors alongside Micah Morris:

  • Tisha Abrea (Brand Influencer), accessible on @tishaalyn.
  • Shasta Averyhardt (Brand Influencer), accessible on @shastaaveryhardt.
  • Jeff Farley (Long Drive Pro Personality), accessible on @Faroutfarley447.
  • Travis Miller (Brand Influencer), accessible on @pgamemes.
  • Ryan Rustand (Brand Influencer), accessible on @coach_rusty.
  • Blair O’Neal (Brand Ambassador), accessible on @blaironealgolf
  • Xeve Perez (Brand Ambassador), accessible on @xeve_2323.
  • Matt Scharff (Brand Influencer), accessible on @mattscharff.

Is Micah Morris sponsored by Cobra Golf?

Yes, Micah Morris is sponsored by Cobra Golf. This is owing to the credit he gives the Brand, how often we see him use their golf equipment, and the number of times he mentions them in his videos.

Not only that!

Earlier this year in June 2022. Micah released a video on his YouTube Channel titled, I Finally Got My New Cobra Golf Clubs. In the video, he was seen unboxing his new clubs. We saw him celebrating after he got a 2-iron LTDX Driver from Cobra.

Towards the end of the video, Micah shouted out to his fans and supporters, appreciating them for allowing him to come into the limelight. He then announced that he is excited and thankful to be partnered with Cobra Golf for the next year.

Micah said his partnership with Cobra will not only elevate his game, but will elevate Cobra equipment as well. Micah’s fans congratulated him on his new set of 2-iron clubs and his partnership with Cobra Golf.

Final Thoughts

Is Micah Morris sponsored by cobra

Micah Morris is a professional YouTube Golfer, and he is known for making chill and inspiring videos about golf. He is also a member of the Good Good Golf Crew. So we expect him to attract many more sponsorships in the nearest future.

Nevertheless, there have been several speculations about Micah’s possible exit from the Good Good Golf. In my previous post, I gave a pretty detailed answer about whether Micah will be leaving Good Good anytime soon or not.

You can watch the full video of Micah unboxing golf clubs from Cobra Golf.