Is Micah From Good Good Golf A Pro?

Micah from Good Good is a pro. This verdict depends on some factors – his journey with golf, tournaments, his handicap, and how other pro golfers perceive him.

We all appreciate Micah’s content, especially his attitude and composure in video shows. As golfers, we all have expectations every time we play, and unfortunately, the game rarely matches that mental picture we build for ourselves. Thankfully, we have people like Micah who are not scared to share the less attractive side of games and illustrate how to handle it with class.

With this expo, when next you see someone ask, Is Micah from Good Good a pro? You’d have something to tell them.


Micah Good Good Golf Handicap

On Rick Shiels’ YouTube Channel – Rick Shiels Golf Show, he and his co-host, Guy Charnock, took some time out to rate the Good Good Golf Members’ skills. In the video, Rick rated Micah, Garrett, and Grant plus handicappers. Rick said someone like Micah could shoot 9 under, as he probably has the best All Round game.


Micah Morris Korn Ferry

It’s no secret that Micah has been training hard to qualify for the Korn Ferry Tour for a long time. This year 2022, he seemed to step things up a notch. Here’s what we’ve seen about Micah Morris’s move with the Korn Ferry Tour:

Last year, Luke Kwon uploaded a video on his YouTube Channel, Luke Kwon Golf, about his battle as a Korn Ferry pro golfer with Micah Morris. He tagged the video – Can Micah Morris Beat A Professional Korn Ferry Tour Pro Golfer?

Even though the final results weren’t what everyone expected, tagging Tig as “huge for the program” finally made sense. We’re not sure whether it was the time of day, or those undulating greens, but the game was exhilarating, even though neither player made the best rounds.

It was nice to see how Luke and Micah got a 9 for the channel. It was especially entertaining to see a pro like Luke struggling like average golfers with adjusting to the speed of the greens. Luke Kwon eventually admitted to not doing a great job with speed out there because he had a hard-time adjusting.

This tournament was a year ago, and at the time, we could see the two excellent players leveling up against each other and bantering for the cup! If you watched the game, I bet you loved the vibes. It was a great match, and we could see Micah’s Game compared to a pro golfer like Luke. Nevertheless, the game was a good win for Luke, especially as he’s always had his tactics in the bag.


Observations From Micah & Luke’s Battle

We believe Tig has found time to understand his weaknesses and strengths throughout his years on the course. And he’s still doing that. For example, in his game with Luke Kwon, we observed he wasn’t rotating enough in his back-swing. More rotation and less swinging of the arms would have made his transitions much easier to time and would have prevented some of the chunked shots.

Also, we are forced to believe that Tig may not have understood that his 2-iron was his go-to club on a very long par-3 or a short par-4, or 2, not when he’s being defensive and playing from behind. But looking back, Micah has improved so much, and he’s gone pro. These days, what you’d first notice is how Micah doesn’t head out without his driver, because a driver is a pro’s favorite weapon!

Most of the concerns of Tig’s fans were centered on why he wasn’t using his driver despite knowing how to hit a mile and very straight. His short game and putting seemed way off in the game as well, and many viewers blamed it on nerves. Micah’s short game is usually really solid and Luke doesn’t make bogeys, but the game contradicted their stance to a degree. As a result, many people didn’t think Micah was ready for the pros at the time.

Fast forward to a few months later in April 2022…

Micah posted on his YouTube Channel a video where he played his First Monday Qualifier for The Korn Ferry Tour. And in the video, we saw a brilliant play once again from Micah, as he channeled his nerves into some super solid golf. It was super windy when Micah hit an 8-iron from 142 yards, but he gave us a good game. It was also nice to see how much his mental game improved. He didn’t let the bogeys get to him and kept pushing through the tough conditions.

Key moments in Micah’s First Monday Qualifier for the Korn Ferry Tour

  • Making -4 on the front 9 was a really impressive record. We can safely say he’d have gotten easy 60s without that brutal wind on the back 9.
  • Tig’s 9th hole game was unbelievable. It was a 514-yard hole and he had 112 yards for his second shot! In those wind conditions, he had it to 4 under, which was striking.
  • It was great seeing Tig play in the conditions the atmosphere presented, and you would also agree how crazy it was to see Tig hit a 7-iron from 134 yardage, and an 8-iron from 215 yardages.
  • Micah just got new clubs, and new clubs are always tough. Let alone in a tournament in windy conditions. No matter how good the quality and the fit of clubs are, it always takes time to get used to them. Once Micah figures out his new clubs (which we believe he has by now), he will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with.
  • It was awesome to see Tig shoot a 79. His swing was calm for most of the shots despite not knowing the course well, along with new clubs and difficult conditions.

Whether anyone likes it or not, Tig is one hell of a golfer! He is unarguably hard on himself sometimes, but that trait only comes from a place of true competitiveness. Those conditions were brutal out there. And we can’t forget those crucial deep breaths in between shots.

Tig constantly plays in windy conditions, which is enough bravery. Nonetheless, it’s great how he always shows different sides of golf. Micah plays in pro events as he’s a very talented player who doesn’t fail to keep his head high on days that don’t go his way. He played in his first professional tournament a few months ago in April 2022.

For someone who won his first professional golf tournament, a pro golfer title is one he can be reckoned with. I mean, it’s impressive how he hits the ball so well. In his first PGA, we witnessed a flawless 7 U round, and it was satisfying to see Micah get it. In the video, Micah gave us a 7 under bogey-free round and left some out there. He had 3 birdies inside 10 ft, that burnt the edge. It could have easily been 10 under, but he maintained positivity nonetheless.


Is Micah From Good Good A Pro YouTube Golfer?

Micah from Good Good Golf is a professional YouTube Golfer, but is he a pro? As of 2019, Micah may not have passed off as a pro golfer, but the story is different this year 2022.

If you have followed Tig since the start of Good Good a couple of years back, you can safely say his mentality has improved positively. It’s good to see him chase his game as it comes. But many GG fans hope he doesn’t get overly tough on himself to the point where he becomes a difficult person to share a round with.

Micah Morris as you may already know is a co-founder of Good Good Golf along with five other Good Good Members, with Garrett Clark as the founder. Notwithstanding, there are several reasons we can classify Micah Morris as a pro golfer.


Why Is Micah From Good Good A Pro?

From Korn Ferry to Rick Shiels, Micah has gone through stages to attain his current skill level as a golfer. Nevertheless, many people want to believe Tig’s title as a pro golfer is arguable.

In his battle with Luke, it was quite evident that every time Micah’s game started coming together, he changed something drastic. Firstly, his swing was dialed, and he made a swing change. Then stripped it and got a new full set of clubs. But we owe that technical difficulty to his sponsor, Cobra Golf, especially as it wasn’t something Micah could control at the time.

At the time, Micah needed a bit more grinding to achieve comfortable and confident swings with the new feel of his brand-new clubs. Thankfully, Micah had long cultivated a work ethic that promotes eventual success, no matter how long it takes. He keeps grinding and improving every day. Besides, his positivity is something most golfers can learn from.


Evaluating Tig’s Strengths From A Pro Golfer’s Perspective

Apart from the final turnout, we observed many things from Micah, that provoked our thoughts on whether he’s a pro golfer or not. Let’s take a look!

Firstly, we saw Micah take on his first round with a new set of clubs on a course he had never played – The Lakes Course at Firewheel, which is known to be pretty challenging!

Secondly, the way he kept the sports mindset even after a not-so-good round was impressive. Micah has the right attitude and outlook on games. Considering he’s an incredible golfer, we’re all excited to see where it takes him.

Finally, he keeps posting rounds he struggles with. It’s a good reminder for everyone that no matter how good you are at golf, we all have bad rounds.

Most golf enthusiasts are in for the highs and especially the lows. For average golfers, it is refreshing to see a player of Micah’s caliber having an off day. Many avid followers of Micah’s rounds claim it helps them feel better about their game.


A Fair Verdict

Is Micah from Good Good a pro
Golfers on course


Golf is a tough sport that requires talent and heart. Sometimes you record loss because that’s what makes winning feel so great. So kudos to Micah for always keeping a cool head during a tough round. Many would agree he is a great example to people who want to improve their game.

Micah’s attitude after his rounds only increased the respect many fans had for him. Like every golfer, pro golfers have good days and bad days. Micah showing us his not-so-pleasant days was a humble thing to do. Just knowing that golfers of Micah’s handicap have bad days on the course is enough to make newbies and average golfers push themselves more and more every day with their golf game.

So here’s a shout-out to Micah for not only showing the ups but also the downs. Every experience is a learning experience. One round is just that, one round!


Micah Morris Good Good – FAQs

Micah Good Good Golf Age

How old is Micah from Good Good Golf you ask? Micah Morris was born on March 3, 1995, making him 27 years of age in 2022.

Micah Good Good Golf Height

How tall is Micah from Good Good you ask? Micah has a height of 5ft 11 inches.

Where Did Micah from Good Good Golf Go To College?

Micah from Good Good Golf attended Kansas Community College, Kansas, Coyle.