Is Kyle Allen Related to Josh Allen? Bio, Age, Career, College, Contract (2024 Fact Check)

Are Kyle Allen & Josh Allen Brothers? A Deep Dive into Kyle Allen’s Bio, Football Career, College, and Contract

Football has an incredible knack for curating family dynasties, with brothers and cousins frequently making their mark on the gridiron. When a new talent emerges, the speculation often begins: are they related to a popular football player? Today, we dive into the fascinating career of Kyle Allen, unraveling the mysteries surrounding his relation to fellow quarterback, Josh Allen. Along the way, we’ll explore his biography, collegiate journey, and current contract information. Strap in for an engaging exploration of the Kyle Allen football story.

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Who is Kyle Allen? Age?

Kyle Allen, a talented American football quarterback, was born on March 8, 1996, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since his high school days, he demonstrated remarkable potential that led to his transformation into a nationally recognized athlete. However, despite sharing the surname “Allen” with the Buffalo Bills’ quarterback, Josh Allen, there is no known blood relation between the two football stars.

A Look into Kyle Allen’s Football Career

Kyle Allen nfl quarterback bio, age, girlfriend, college

Kyle Allen’s path to success in the football world began during his time at Desert Mountain High School, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. His exceptional performance caught the eye of several college recruiters, setting the stage for an exciting collegiate football career.

Collegiate Journey and Accomplishments

Allen initially committed to Texas A&M University, where he spent two seasons (2014-2015). During his time with the Aggies, Allen showcased his abilities, passing for a total of 3,532 yards and 33 touchdowns, a testament to his natural talent and innate leadership qualities.

After his stint at Texas A&M, Kyle Allen transferred to the University of Houston for his junior season (2016). Unfortunately, he faced some challenges, struggling with injuries and inconsistent performance. But his determination and resilience pushed him to bounce back, ultimately leading him to an opportunity with the Carolina Panthers.

A Chance in the NFL: Carolina Panthers and Beyond

Following an invitation to the NFL Combine, Kyle Allen signed with the Carolina Panthers as an undrafted free agent in 2018. He began as the third-string quarterback but quickly climbed the ranks due to his raw talent, impeccable work ethic, and an opportunity that arose due to injuries. Allen made his NFL debut on December 23, 2018, delivering a solid performance against the New Orleans Saints.

Rise to Prominence and Relocation

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Kyle Allen’s breakout moments came during the 2019 NFL season, as he took over the reins as the Panthers’ starting quarterback in the absence of an injured Cam Newton. Throughout the season, Allen showcased his skills, displaying impressive accuracy and a calm demeanor in the pocket. He emerged as a legitimate NFL starting quarterback, leading the Panthers to notable victories.

However, in 2020, Allen’s journey took an unexpected turn as he was traded to the Washington Football Team. This change in scenery reignited the speculation around Allen’s future and potential for success.

Are Kyle Allen And Josh Allen Brothers?


Josh Allen and Kyle Allen

Despite sharing the same last name and playing the same position, Kyle Allen and Josh Allen are not related. Their connection remains exclusively through their shared profession and passion for football.

Kyle Allen Contract and Future Prospects

Kyle Allen’s professional career has taken him through various teams, but his current contract is with the Washington Football Team. He signed a one-year extension in 2020, showcasing the team’s faith in his abilities. However, with the ever-changing landscape of football, only time will tell where his future lies.


Football enthusiasts often enjoy speculating about the familial connections between athletes, and the intriguing similarities between Kyle Allen and Josh Allen contribute to this phenomenon. However, beyond their shared surname, there is no family relation between the two quarterbacks.

Kyle Allen has forged his own path in the football world, impressing fans and coaches alike with his skillset and work ethic. As we follow his journey in the NFL, it will be fascinating to witness the continued growth and success of this rising football star, Kyle Allen.