Airbags For Golf Carts

Airbags are a great safety feature for golf carts. Their purpose is to reduce impact of a collision, and protect the driver and passengers from injury. There are two main types of airbags: side-impact and front-impact.

Side-impact airbags are designed to cushion the impact of a collision with the side of the vehicle. Front-impact airbags are designed to cushion the impact of a collision with the front of the vehicle.

The main difference between side-impact and front-impact airbags is how they are deployed. Side-impact airbags are deployed when a vehicle hits something and then automatically inflates.

Front-impact airbags are deployed when the vehicle hits something and then manually inflates.


Foremost Considerations

Side-impact airbags are more expensive than front-impact airbags, but they are worth it if you have a side-mounted seat vulnerable to injury in a crash.

On the other hand, front-impact airbags are more affordable than side-impact airbags, but again, they are worth it if you have a front-mounted seat that is vulnerable to injury in a crash.

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Airbags for golf carts: How to install em’

Putting airbags on a golf cart is a not as hard as you’d imagine. The steps are fairly-straightforward, but there are certain considerations you must take to thought!

First, you should never attach an airbag to the cart’s frame with any kind of adhesive. This can cause the frame to break apart, resulting in serious injury.

Also, consider getting an air ride kit for your golf cart to bypass most of the hassles. Air ride kits for golf carts run from $350 to $4,000 as of 2022.

Finally, you should never use any form of adhesive on the frame of your golf cart. Doing so could result in the frame breaking apart, which could cause serious injury or death.

Now that you’ve digested the basics, here’s how to install airbags for golf carts:

1. The first step is to find the right sized-airbag for the golf cart.

After you have found it, remove the airbag from its packaging. If you have a large cart, do well to purchase a larger-sized air bag. If you have a small cart, a smaller sized airbag will do.

2. Next, try to attach the airbag to the cart’s frame.

To put airbags in a golf cart, you will have to remove the tires and the wheels. Next, you will need to remove the frame and the seat. Remove the follow-come airbags from the vehicle.

3. Finally, you will need to secure the airbag in place with a locking mechanism.

Once all the steps above are complete, it’s time to keep the bags in place using a locking mechanism. Do this after you have attached the airbags to your cart’s frame.


Final Thoughts

How to put airbags on a golf cart
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When putting airbags on a golf cart, it is crucial to remember you must not use them in extreme conditions. When putting airbags on a golf cart, you should never put them in the rain or the snow. Instead, only use them when it is safe to do so.

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