How To Improve Your Chipping Game This 2023

Did you know that expert chippers stand closer to the hole to reduce pressure. You can make this skill a great equalizer and lower your score and have more fun. So why not become a good chipper today as you practice the few tips in this guide? 

Golf Workout Program says a new driver won’t make you a better golfer but chipping drills will.

Let’s get into it real quick!

What Is Chipping In golf?

Chipping is a golf shot where a golfer uses a short, low-trajectory swing to hit the ball onto the green and closer to the hole.

Generally used when the golfer is close to the green but not on it, chipping requires accuracy and touch to control the ball’s trajectory and spin. It is a crucial part of a golfer’s short game and can help lower their score by increasing their chances of making a putt.

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How To Improve Your Chipping Game This 2023

Let’s help you with some general tips to improve your chipping game:

Tip #1 Choose the right club

Select a club that lets you aim for your target, but doesn’t need to overheat the ball. Use a golf club with a loft of around 50° or more.

Tip #2 – Adjust your stance and ball position

When chipping, place the ball back in your stance, with your weight mainly on your front foot. Open your feet and hips slightly, and stand relatively close to the ball.

Tip #3 – Keep your eyes on the ball

Focus on the ball throughout your swing, and remember that it’s the club that should hit the ball, not the other way round.

Tip #4 – Practice with different clubs

Experiment with different clubs to learn which works best for the specific chipping situation you intend to tackle. Aim to take a swing and aim at various distances and angles.

Tip #5 – Use your wrists

Using your wrists as well as your arms during a chipping swing can help you get more precise direction of the ball. When carrying out your swing, keep your wrists relaxed and use them to guide the club head to the ball through impact.

Tip #6 – Learn to “feel” the shot

Try practicing chipping without taking a full swing, focusing on “feeling” the shot instead of trying to hit the ball too hard. Master this approach, and you’ll enjoy a more stable and fruitful chipping game.

Overall, chipping is a skill that demands practice, patience, and perseverance. By combining these tips with consistent practice, you can easily improve your chipping game and play better golf rounds.

How Do You Chip In Golf In A Few Steps?

Here are a few suggested steps to chip in golf:

1. The Difference Is In The Club!

Generally, a pitching or sand wedge is used for chipping, but depending on the shot and the lie of the ball, you may want to use a different club.

2. Set It All up

Stand around a foot apart from the ball with your weight slightly favoring your front foot. Keep your hands ahead of the golf ball, but not too afar off.

3. Up Your Swing

Use a short backswing and a smooth follow-through. The key is to let the loft of the club do the work, so don’t try to hit the ball too hard or scoop it up into the air.

4. Aiming Is D Game Changer!

Aim for a spot on the green where you want the ball to land, figuring out how far it will roll out.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice!

The more you practice the chip, the easier it will become!

How Does Chipping Improve Your Overall Golf Game Overtime?

Improve Your Chipping Game

Here is how chipping can improve your overall golf game:

Chipping is a crucial skill in golf, and it can significantly improve your overall game by reducing the number of strokes it takes to get the ball into the hole.

When you have a solid chipping technique, you can more easily get your ball to the green, and close enough to the hole to make shorter putts. It also helps you save strokes by getting you out of trouble spots, such as bunkers, rough or tight lies.

Additionally, chipping also helps you develop better control over your shots, which will translate into improved performance in other areas of your game. When you work on your chipping technique, you improve your short game, which is one of the most essential elements of golf.

Overall, having a good chipping game is the key to lowering your score, and becoming a better all-around golfer.

Do Golfers Become Experts By Regular Chipping?

You Bet!

Practicing chipping regularly is one of the essential skills that can make a golfer an expert in short-game techniques.

But becoming an expert golf player requires constant improvement of all aspects of the game, including putting, long shots, and course management.

So, to become an expert in golf, regular chipping practice is just a small part of the equation.


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