College Golf Recruiting And Getting Recruited This 2023

“…The info you need on college golf recruiting and getting recruited this 2023”

Getting recruited for college golf can be quite cumbersome but the process gets easier if you have the right information at your disposal. Start your research with this guide!

In this guide, you'll learn:
- Why you should look into college golf recruiting 

- How to get recruited for college golf

- Top college golf recruits of 2023

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Why you should look into college golf recruiting 

If you are a talented golfer with aspirations of playing golf at a collegiate level, then you should definitely consider looking into college golf recruiting. College golf is highly competitive and offers many benefits to student-athletes who are looking to pursue a career in golf or any other field.

Firstly, by simply playing college golf, you can get an opportunity to receive an education while continuing to play the sport you love. Secondly, playing college golf can help you improve your game and increase your chances of success in the sport. It can also provide you with exposure to professional golf scouts and recruiters, which could lead to opportunities to play at the professional level.

Thirdly, being a college athlete can help you develop important life skills, such as time management, teamwork, and leadership. You will also have access to top-notch coaching and training facilities, which can help you reach your full potential as a golfer.

Overall, college golf recruiting can be a great way to achieve your goals as a golfer while also receiving an education and developing important life skills.

How to get recruited for college golf

Here are the general steps to get recruited for college golf:

1. Develop your golf skills and build a strong golf resume: Join a golf club or team, attend golf camps, participate in tournaments, and keep track of your scores. You want to build a strong golf resume highlighting your achievements, skills, and goals. Practice and improve your golf skills because the more competitive your golf skills are, the more attractive you will be to college golf coaches.

2. Research colleges with golf programs: Look for schools that have golf teams and research their golf programs, coaches, and team rankings. Research the schools and golf programs you are interested in attending and determine their level of competitiveness and requirements for admission and recruitment.

3. Contact college coaches: Reach out to the coaches of the golf teams you are interested in and introduce yourself. Provide them with your golf resume and express your interest in playing for their team. Initiate communication with coaches through email, phone, or in-person visits to build relationships and express your interest in their program.

4. Attend college golf events: Attend college golf events, such as tournaments and showcases, where you can meet coaches, interact with their teams, and showcase your skills.

5. Take the necessary tests: Take the SAT or ACT to meet college admission requirements. You may also take the NCAA Eligibility Center registration to confirm your eligibility to play college sports.

6. Schedule college visits: Schedule visits to the colleges you are interested in, meet with the coaches, and see their facilities and golf courses.

7. Apply to colleges and submit golf resumes: Apply to the colleges you are interested in, and make sure to submit your golf resume with your application.

8. Keep in touch with coaches: Follow up with coaches after visits and keep them updated with your golf achievements. This will show your dedication and increase your chances of getting recruited.

Remember, perseverance and dedication are key when it comes to college golf recruitment.

Top college golf recruits of 2023

Some of the top college golf recruits of 2023 could be found on websites such as Golfweek, NCAA, or the Golf Channel. These websites typically provide rankings or lists of top prospects and their statistics. You can also check out college golf programs to see which recruits have committed to which schools.


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