Golf Carts – How Long Do They Last?

Buying a golf cart is a big decision. As a result, a prospective buyer should know how long their golf cart will run before it begins to develop problems from wear and tear.

According to experts, a golf cart can hold on for 10 years with quality maintenance. The Useful Life scope of a typical golf cart is 5 to 7 years.

Ordinarily, golf carts can hold on for a long time, but their lifespan will depend on several factors.
If you plan to buy a cart, you must first understand how various elements affect the lifespan of a Cart. These elements include; battery longevity, maintenance, design, etc.

When you check the specifications of different gas-powered carts, you find that they can run fast.
Hence their popularity.

Electric carts are still head-on into the game and remain competitive.
Diesel carts have also gone nowhere.
But do you have any idea how long these carts last?

This question is a common question many golfers have asked and are still asking.

This guide will help!


How long do golf carts last?

How long can a golf cart last
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An average golf cart can last long. Honestly, many carts you see around and have probably driven may be over 12 years.

Most of the time, all you have to do as a golf cart owner is a regular maintenance and power top-up, to make your cart look like and run like a brand new one.

Also, the type of course the cart runs on can play a significant role in the lifespan of the cart.
Golf courses that are mid to low range should step up their maintenance game, so golf carts can run without any hassles.

The lifespan of gas carts and electric carts is generally similar. Still and all, gasoline carts are more expensive to keep in good condition.

Here’s something to shock you –

Some manufacturers assert that the typical golf cart can be used for 30 to 40 years, on the ground that the engine is regularly repaired, maintained, or even changed.

This valuation is centered on the sturdiness of the cart frame and not necessarily on the engine’s lifespan. As a result, the valuation is somewhat accurate for most cart models because many carts use stainless steel in their build/design.


How to ascertain the lifespan of a golf cart

Besides the Golf Course Factor, it is crucial to consider the factors below to know how long your cart will stay.

  • How long is the cart

    Several carts have a length of 8ft between the rear tires and the driver’s seat.

  • The width of the cart

    Most electric and gas carts have wide back sizes.

  • How fast the cart runs

    Carts powered by gas can run fast, and that is why Gas-powered Carts are turning heads these days.

  • The strength of the engine

    The specifications of your cart engine will give you an idea of what to expect. A lesser engine with lesser specifications would mean lower performance, but higher specs would mean higher performance.

  • The degree of usage

    How often do you use the cart? Heavy use of the golf cart will have an impact on its longevity.


How battery affects how long a golf cart lasts

It is not surprising to see a cart frame lasting over 30 years. However, the battery that comes with it will not hold on for that length of time.

The average battery pack of a golf cart consists of the battery and the charger. Battery packs can last anywhere between 4-10 years. Nonetheless, this estimate will vary based on how a person uses the golf cart and other elements.

Here’s a quick instance –

Do you know those fleet vehicles? The carts used in golf courses? People use them more than the carts set aside for private use.

During golf season, you can expect a cart to run an average of three rounds daily. Contrarily, a private golf cart will go through three rounds weekly.
This evaluation shows that fleet batteries run on a larger scale, unlike private ones.

Golf Cart Wonder Manuals advise owners to replace a fleet battery after four to six years of use. Contrarily, experts assert that private batteries range between six to ten years before needing replacement.

Still and all, maintenance and regular repair are determinants of how long a cart will stay.

In addition to the above statement, experts advise golf cart owners to refrain from overcharging their Golf Cart Batteries. I suggest using an automatic charger that will stop charging as soon as the cell has sufficient juice.

Also, ensure you check the water level of your golf cart battery at the end of the day to verify that there’s no issue with the cart before your next outing.
A monthly water refill of the battery should be enough to avert most of the problems listed.

Nevertheless, how often you use your cart will determine the results you’ll get from monthly watering.
Inspect the electrical system, wheel alignment, brakes, and tire pressure of your golf cart, as you would your car. Use a lubricant on the parts of the engine when required.

Those who are familiar with vehicle mechanics won’t have any problems with these steps, but those who are not may encounter some problems. If you are not familiar with things like this, don’t hesitate to seek professional help.


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Depreciation factors affect the longevity of a golf cart

If you drive your cart for a couple of years, it won’t be the same way it was when you first got it because of the wear and tear factor.

Firstly, you can’t drive your cart under wet conditions every time and expect the cart to go on without any hassles.
For one, water and electric systems don’t go well. You can find common issues like electric shorts, which will affect the operating system of the cart.

Water is not the only enemy here, heat joins in the fun too!
Riding your golf cart in extremely hot weather can do a lot of damage.

High temperatures and intense sunlight can harm the exterior and interior of the golf cart, leading to a load of other problems, such as low efficiency.

You can avert these problems and many others by simply keeping the cart out of extreme conditions, whether rain or sunlight. Also, covered storage will help to a large extent.

So make sure you park your cart under a shade, instead of letting it loiter in the sun, rain, or other weather conditions.


The Take-out

How long can a golf cart last
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If your cart batteries are Lithium-Ion and you play twice weekly, expect your cart to hold on for 5 to 6 years or more.

If the batteries are sealed with Lead Acid, we are looking at 2 to 3 years.

As for the cart itself, if you properly care for and maintain it with the suggestions in this article, and
refrain from driving on the coastline where salt water mist destroys most artificial elements, it should last 15 plus years.





How long does a 48v golf cart last?

A 48v cart will last 6 years or more with proper care and maintenance. This estimate will depend on the temperature, the nature of the terrain. The frequency of use, and the weight of the occupants are also determinants.

As for how long a 48v golf cart will run, I would say until the battery gives away. A typical electric golf cart can run 9 miles on a lead-acid battery, but on a lithium battery, the cart can run 100 miles on a full charge.

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