Good Good Golf Injury

Rumors have been circulating that on September 23, 2022, Good Good Golf Member, Luke Kwon was reportedly involved in a car accident, and sustained an injury to the head as a result of the impact. The nature of the accident leading to Kwon’s injury hasn’t been clearly-stated. However, Good Good resolved to create a GoFundMe page a few days after these speculations started circulating.

Luke Kwon is a professional Golf player who started his career in Oklahoma. Soon afterwards, he went on a trip to China to pursue his dreams. He now holds the 99th spot in the play cup ranking, with an average score of 70.90, and a cumulative of 67 points.


Good Good Golf Injury Update

Only a few days ago, Good Good announced on their social media Instagram page that one of the Good Good members sustained a severe injury. However, the group did not publicly share the cause of the accident or which member sustained the injury till Sept 28, 2022.


Luke Kwon Injury

Luke Kwon, owner of the Luke Kwon Golf YouTube Channel and initial substitute member for Micah Morris in Good Good, is the person who reportedly sustained injury.

Good Good News released a report concerning the accident. The verified details publicly shared is the information mentioned in Good Good’s Instagram post below:



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Prayers For Luke’s Speedy Recovery

We pray for a quick recovery of the member of the group who reportedly lies in grave condition. In the face of life-threatening scenarios such as accidents, everything else becomes small. Life is far too precious.

The most crucial parts of life are family, friends, faith, and pretty-much the little things. Luke is family to not only Good Good Golf, but he is family to ardent followers of the entire crew. So whatever happened, we hope he comes out of it in good health.

Good Good Golf Story

Good Good Golf is an idea that was conceived and founded by Garrett Clark, also known as GM Golf. Garrett and Micah co-founded Good Good, along with the rest of the crew. The idea of Good Good came from the desire to shoot different golf trick shots and upload them for the viewing pleasure of golf enthusiasts.

Along the line, Good Good transcended from a simple social media handle to a full-fledged golf brand. Listening to the Good Good podcast about how the channel started, fans could understand the feeling of meeting someone who could make your life better. The Good Good Golf Crew have awesome personalities, and it’s not a surprise that they’ll continue to record positive milestones.


What Happened In Good Good Golf?

Good Good Golf Injury Update
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Queries have been popping up about what happened to Good Good. Besides debunked controversies about Micah’s exit from Good Good and an accident with one of the Good Good Golf Guys, Good Good Golf hasn’t formally disclosed details of anything else.


Luke Kwon Accident 

A few days ago this September 2022, speculations emerged about Good Good Golf, with claims that they uploaded a post on their Instagram page of their member, Luke Kwon, being involved in an accident, and successfully undergoing a brain operation at the University of Oklahoma Medical Center.

These rumors also claim that, during the past few days, there has been a recommendable improvement in Luke’s health. At the time of this publication, these claims have been confirmed true. Although, the group has not officially announced details of the exact nature of the accident, hence, fans are advised to stay calm.


Good Good Golf Subscribers

Good Good Golf has 1.04m subscribers on its official Good Good YouTube Channel.

Good Good Golf Founders

Garrett Clark is the founder of Good Good Golf with Micah, and Matt, as the co-founders, and Matt Kendrick as the CEO of Good Good Golf.


Good Good Golf Scooter

The Good Good Golf Scooter has been making the headlines this season. It’s a surprise to many, more so because it has been a year since the guys first made mention of their scooters. The GG squad got scooters customized to their taste. They mentioned this in a video they tagged Our Brand New Custom Good Good Scooters.

The Good Good Guys went to Scottsdale, AZ, to pick up their custom Good Good Golf Scooters. Remember the GG guys have engaged in aggressive awareness for the scooters. In the video, we saw them gush over how the scooters were way cooler than they expected. The scooters presumably run 20 miles per hour. Garrett said he’ll put a supercharger in his scooter and he’s going to go on a 110.

In the video, we saw the Good Good Guys return to Dallas after having a good time with their scooters. They said it took about a week for the scooters to get boxed up and shipped to their location. Check out the full details in the video.



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