The Split-screen Function: Does Golf With Friends Have It?

Of course, you can play Golf With Friends split-screen. If Steam Player says yes, then that’s the definitive answer. But what if I told you Shared Screen or Split-Screen mode isn’t the only functionality you can get from Golf With Friends?

Golf with Your Friends has a pretty straightforward title, and thankfully, the game represents its title. With a stable multiplayer connection and several multiplayer courses that can accommodate up to 12 players, you can connect with your friends from wherever.

The Local Play function lets you play individually without knowing where the other players go, but sometimes a group of players may want to see what each other is doing and line up their shots to cheer themselves on. That’s where the Split-screen feature comes in.


Playing Golf With Friends Split Screen

Like their Steam Page, Golf with Your Friends has a split-screen capability. This feature is perfect for those with one or more friends over so they can compete in the different witty courses the game offers.

Whether you are online or offline, you can play mini golf with up to 12 players on Golf With Your Friends. Initially, the game developers resolved to have the local multiplayer feature as a type of Hot Seat fare, providing for just one controller.

What this meant for players is that they could only play when it was their character’s turn to hit the ball. This was a setback for most of the Playerbase and the game response recorded many frustrations.

However, with several requests from players, the developers of Golf With Friends have provided the Split-Screen co-op function.

Yes, the online multiplayer feature still ranks as the most popular pick for players of the game, but there’s just something intriguing about being able to play with someone in real-time.

Maybe you don’t have an Xbox and want to play the game split screen. There’s a functionality for that too!
So if you plan to host a night out with your friends and you want to bond over the game, Golf With Friends, it’s worth a try.

Explore limits as you take on exciting, fast-paced courses on the mini golf game.


Playing The Game On Xbox One

You can play golf with friends split-screen on Xbox one. Currently, the game only has the Hotseat functionality. This means that anyone who’s playing can use only one controller.

Recent claims have forced us to believe the game developers are working on enforcing Coup Couch where everyone can use their controller. Many people don’t think they are working hard on implementing this, but let’s keep our fingers crossed anyway.


Split Screen On Golf With Friends PS4: How to play

If you follow Golf With Friends ardently, I bet you were keen to do more in the game when you saw Team 17 attached to it.

In the game of mini-golf, we’ve seen almost all the tricks, so there’s not much to add. But something never gets old – the thrill of having several holes to go under or on par.

Firstly, there are 9 stages to scale in the game – from space and pirate-themed locations to forest and Egypt-inspired themes. The game also boasts that 12 players can join in at a time. So you can comfortably play the game on your PS4.

However, the gameplay of Golf With Friends is turn-based, and this order remains throughout. So if you are the type of player that trails, you don’t get to go first.

The game has many other functionalities like the exploration mode, but many players claim that the hockey mode tops the ranks.

The Procedure

Also, on the PS4, you can swap the ball for a pick, and the transitions are significantly better. The puck function allows players to clip objects they want to spin in different directions, but be careful, or you could lose control when airborne.

Also with the puck, you have a net instead of a hole as your goal.

To play the game on your PS4;

  • Upgrade or downgrade your system to the PS4 system software as need be. Some features available for the game on PS5 may be absent on the PS4.
  • Open a PlayStation account if you don’t have one yet and accept the terms of service.
  • The software is subject to license, so you would need a one-time license fee to play on an account designated as a primary PS4 system with other systems signed in with that account.

That should be all!

Golf With Your Friends Controller Support

In an announcement from the developers of Golf With Friends, they said the game now has partial controller support, with claims that the controllers should be able to work everywhere except on the Course Editor.

The developers said they are still looking for feedback from the game’s Playerbase on the implementation. According to their announcement, once they have officially added the controller support, there will be full controller support.

Irrespective, we’ve heard some complaints from players of Golf With Friends about the controller support. Most of the grievances revolve around the configuration menu and the control of characters.

Golf With Friends Hot Seat

Players have observed recent updates to the challenging, quirky, multiplayer mini-golf game Golf With Friends. We have seen new features, and the game developers have built these features to tally with most requests from the Playerbase community. The Hotseat mode is one of those recent additions.

Check out the new features in this list:

  • Play local multiplayer with your colleagues on the same PC with the Hotseat Mode
  • Slow down your friends with Honey Trap or boost your shots with Double Jumps using the Power Ups feature. You can access these functionalities in the custom game mode and set them to respawn.
  • You can add visual improvements and your desired tweaks to the Forest course.
  • This brief list is just a Tip Of The Iceberg for the new features Golf With Friends bringing. So expect more exciting updates anytime soon!

Is Golf With Your Friends Cross Platform

Golf with friends split screen
Matilda Wormwood at Pexels

It is rather unfortunate that Golf With Friends doesn’t have any cross-platform support between PC and the PS Series. For this reason, you can’t contest with your buddies if they use a PS4 or PS5, and you use a PC or vice versa.

But there’s hope!

There’s news that the possibility of the crossplay feature added to the game is high. Recent claims have shown that some improvements and bug fixes are going on, so players can expect a crossplay feature later on.

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