Best Golf Vlog Camera For Golf Videos [2023]

“There is no one way to make golf vlogs, but a few tips are helpful.”

First, make sure to have a camera and editing software handy so you can document your rounds and process.
Second, be creative and use your camera to capture interesting shots of your game, surroundings, and fellow golfers.

Third, be expressive and share your thoughts and emotions as you play.
Finally, be sure to post periodic updates so your fans can see how you’re doing and what new insights you’ve discovered about the game.

How To Make Golf Videos With Golf Vlog Camera

In trying to make golf vlogs with any camera of your choice, some tips that may help include using a golf vlog camera that is lightweight and portable, filming at a high frame rate, and using facial tracking or motion tracking software to ensure that your shots are properly captured.

Additionally, it is often helpful to compose and edit your footage using video editing software such as Adobe Premiere or HitFilm.

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Tips, Tricks And Camera Setups For Making Golf Vlogs

1. Use a golf ball tripod to make steady footage of your swing.
2. Keep your camera close to the ground to capture more detail in your shots.
3. Shoot in landscape mode for a more cinematic feel.
4. Try using a slow-mo feature to capture unique angles and movements on the green.
5. Create a creative introduction or outro to your golf video by filming in front of a greenscreen.

The Best Gear/Equipment For Creating Videos On The Golf Course

To create top-notch videos that your viewers would love, you want to invest in the best equipment to achieve this purpose.

Some of the best gear for creating videos on the golf course include; a durable camera, gimbal or stabilizer, and good lighting. Additionally, it is helpful to have a loose fit golf shirt so that camera movements do not disturb the swing.

What Is The Best Recommended Software To Create Quality Golf Videos?

This should rank as a tricky question because the best recommendation for golf vlog software would depend on the individual’s needs and preferences. Nevertheless, some factors to consider include the software’s capabilities, user interface, and support.

Of course, there are many great programs/software for making golf videos, but the best ones vary depending on your needs as earlier stated. Some good options include Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe After Effects. These programs have easy-to-use tools and are versatile enough to make a variety of videos, from interviews to tour footage to simple golf tips videos.

List of Best Cameras For Golf Vlogs 

1. Dell DJI Phantom 4 Pro

The Dell DJI Phantom 4 Pro is the perfect camera to use for golfing. It’s capable of shooting stunning video and photos, and its tracking capabilities make it easy to capture your entire round.

2. A Bee Caddy

If you’re looking for a camera that can adapt to your specific needs, the A Bee Caddy is the perfect option. This camera is designed to be easily mounted on a golf club, and its motion tracking capabilities make it easy to capture the action on the course.

3. Nikon D7200

The Nikon D7200 is one of the most popular cameras for golfing, and for good reasons. Its powerful imaging capabilities make it a perfect choice for capturing stunning video and photos of your round, and its automatic shooting modes make it easy to navigate and capture your entire round.

4. Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM

The Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM is the perfect camera for capturing stunning photos and videos of your golfing experience. With its powerful lens and advanced image stabilization, this camera is perfect for capturing footage that is free from distortion and image blur.


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