The Best Golf Courses In Tybee Island [UPDATED 2023]

Tybee Island golf courses are part of what makes the Island widely recognized.

Tybee Island is known for straight-out-of-water foods and several restaurants.

But there’s more to know –

A harbor to the infamous Crab Shack, public golf courses, and a lagoon of alligators, Tybee Island is not just a superb spot for lunch, dinner, water sports, sunbathing, kayaking, swimming, or fishing, the island is also a sister to several golf courses.

So when next you travel to Tybee Island for a golf tournament nearby, add the earlier mentioned activities to your checklist and take a bottle of sunscreen with you.

Tybee Island golf is neighbor to many golf courses, but I’ll be listing only a few worthy mentions.

See the best Tybee island golf courses below –

  • The Club at Savannah Harbor
  • Henderson Golf course
  • Bacon Park Golf Course
  • Magnolia Golf Course
  • Deer Creek Golf Course
  • Magnolia Golf Course
  • Marshwood Golf Course
  • Crosswinds Golf
  • Dear Creek Golf Course
  • Southbridge Golf Club
  • Hunter Golf Club
  • Oakridge Golf Course
  • Palmetto Golf Course


Public Golf Near Tybee Island

Tybee island golf courses aren’t the only options you have. There are affordable public golf courses you can find close by.

If you are looking for public golf avenues near Tybee Island, check out these top-rated ones.


1. Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort

If you want a public golf that won’t disappoint, check out the Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort.

This public golf is open all day with beautiful scenery and lots of sidewalks for easy walking and biking golf courses.


2. Wilmington Island Club

This golf course, designed by the Legendary Scotch architect, Donald Ross in 1927, gives its customers complete access to its 18-hole championship golf course, fitness center, swimming facilities, tennis facilities, clubhouse, and tennis facilities.

With a full calendar of golf and social events, interested persons can be part of weekday tournaments, golf meet-and-greets, and other golf events.


3. Bacon park golf course

No article on Tybee Island Golf Courses is complete without the Bacon Park Golf Course.

This is one full-golf facility loaded with a snack bar, lighted driving range, and 27 holes, 18 of which were designed by famed designer Donald Ross.

Bacon park golf course provides a full-pro shop affiliated with major companies all in a bid to cater to your golfing needs.

This golf course is open 24 hours a day, year in, and year out.


4. Harbour Town Golf Links

If you find the opportunity to pay just $9 to gain access to Sea Pines. Ensure you leverage the chance and check out the golf courses in Harbour Town Golf Links.

Standing as a beautiful golf course with several tee options and quality facilities, you’ll get only the best experience at the Harbour Town Golf Links.


5. Plantation Golf Club

Many golfers like to start their review of the Plantation Golf Club with the positive things, and the reason is not far-fetched.

The Plantation Golf Club is beautiful, well-maintained, and packed with many lessons to help interested participants.


6. Oakridge Golf Course

This indoor golf training facility boasts to be fact-based, as it offers students world-standard coaching in the country.

Coaching in Oakridge Golf Course is based on science and data. The golf course also promises its students mastery of golf performances.


7. The Lost Plantation Golf Club Golf Course

Only a short distance from Savannah and located in the wetlands of Effingham County, tourists like to think of this golf course as a hidden jewel.

Golfing at the Lost Plantation Golf Club Golf Course is more fun when the whole group plays a little good and stops for some dinner.


Golf Courses Near Me

I often see tourists interested in golf asking non-sporty indigenes the question – where can I find golf courses near me?

Sometimes they get accurate answers, sometimes they get not-so-accurate answers, and other times they don’t even get the answers they’re looking for.

Well, now I wish they’d just scan through this content because I have the names of some top-rated golf databases where they can access golf clubs, courses per club, number of holes, addresses, telephone numbers, and days of operation, etc.

Accessing information about golf courses near you is not rocket science. There are two approaches to finding golf courses near you.

The first approach requires you to scan through world-standard golf databases to see their golf courses and their branches closest to your location.

The second approach is using Google Maps.


Here’s a list of world-standard golf course databases to check out –


1. SwingU

SwingU can pass off as the world’s most complete golf course database. This easy, fast, and reliable free golf app shows the distance between a user’s location and the closest golf course, including potential hazards.

SwingU comes with a digital scorecard for almost every course in the world.


2. Lightspeed Golf 

This is one go-to management platform for golf courses around the world.

Lightspeed Golf was created to simplify, weigh, and offer unmatchable golfing experiences.

The app transforms and unifies human and digital operations to build innovative features built for the golf industry every day.


3. ForeUp

This golf course software is both powerful and comprehensive when it comes to providing convenience.

The database integrates point of sale with all other operational functions to show users golf courses near them.


4. The National Golf Foundation

This golf database doesn’t exist in the public domain.

The National Golf Foundation is a trusted source for a complete database of golf courses, only that it doesn’t include scorecards.

The National Golf Foundation will also give you data on the number of holes and par of a golf course.


5. USGA – United States Golf Association

USGA has a database of courses, number of holes, par, and rating/slope, for purposes of handicapping.

Nevertheless, the software maintains individual relationships with each course and updates its list regularly.


6. Golf Data – iGolf Powered

The Golf Data software is a host to one of the world’s largest and most accurate GPS-enabled golf course databases.

Powered by iGolf with more than 38,000 golf courses, golfers will never get stranded.

Here’s how to find and access golf courses near you with Google Maps –

  • Open the Google Maps application on your phone or tablet.
  • In the search field, type your location, and type golf course as your destination.
  • When you see golf course close to you on the map, click on Directions at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Select your route of transportation.
  • Hit the Start button to commence navigation.


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Best Golf Courses Savannah, Ga

Here are the best golf courses in Savannah, GA.

But before you dive into this list, understand that –

Besides Link Golf Courses, we have other types of golf courses namely; Parkland, Heathland, and Moorland.

Nonetheless, Link and Parkland are by far the most common types of golf courses.

Back to the best golf courses in Savannah, GA:


1. Crosswinds Golf Club

Packed with 63 quality golf courses and dedicated staff, this golf course is both fun to play and a good value for your money.


2. The Club at Savannah Harbor

The Club at Savannah Harbor is known for well-manicured greens and multiple challenging holes for golfers of all skill levels.

Standing with 58 golf courses, this golf course is quite the sight to behold.


3. Southbridge Savannah Golf Club

This golf club has 21 challenging golf courses and is still building newer challenges.

The Southbridge Savannah Golf Club has virtually everything planned for golfers and is improving daily.


4. Hunter Golf Club

If you’ve been searching for a challenging course that is affordable, open to the public, and still worth your time, check out the Hunter Golf Club.

Their dedicated and professional staff is ever-willing to serve you in the best way they can.


5. Mary Calder Golf Club

This unique golf club is the definition of a hidden gem.

Mary Calder Golf Club is located in an industrial area, and is ideal for golfers who love golf with a touch of city vibes.

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