6 Golf Chipping Games to improve your short game

A golfer’s best friend are 1-putts, right? Well, chipping the golf ball near to the hole is the simplest technique to make more 1-putts.

Golf practice can be tedious, it’s true… Although practicing on the practice green for hours on end gets tiresome, improving your short game is crucial. Undoubtedly, chipping games are the solution. While having fun, competing with friends, and placing a small bet, you can improve your short game.

Golf Chipping Game: Chipping Golf

Playing chipping golf games is the easiest way to learn without having to attempt. You enjoy yourself while learning new talents. Gather some of your friends to the fairway when next you’ve got time to spare to improve your game, and then dare them to some chipping golf battles.

You can have a few beers, tease your buddies, and discuss about what and whatnot while still learning new things during the course. Excellent, isn’t it? Tell us which of chipping golf games you like best as you read further.

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Here’s How To Enhance Your Game And Score Using Golf Chipping Games

Let’s discuss the worth of your scorecard before we begin playing games. With every approach shot, nobody succeeds in hitting the mark. If so, how do scratch golfers manage to hit so many pars? Simple is the reply. To rise and fall, they employ their short game. Their round is continued by sparing strokes around the green.

You can develop this skill more quickly by playing golf chipping games as opposed to just practicing before you putt. The distinction is that competitive chipping games have you play against other players or yourself. You can better prepare for how you’ll behave on the putting green by applying this extra pressure.

Preferably, while you compete against your friend, you will experience the thrill of competing . Can you make a good chip shot when you’re nervous? Keep in mind that 1-putts are your best buddy, and playing chipping golf games will improve your 1-putt technique.

6 Golf Chipping Games To Improve Your Short Game 

1. Darts

A quick and simple game you may play with your friends is darts. Disperse nine to eighteen golf balls all across the putting green. Every golfer has the opportunity to putt their ball as near to the pin as they can because each ball is positioned at a different distance from the pin. More points are awarded the closer you are to the pin. For instance, getting within one foot could be worth three points, inside five feet could be worth one point, and making a hole-in-one could be worth ten points.

The golfer with the highest score after each player has finished playing is declared the winner.

What’s nice about this is that you can change up the game a little to make it more interesting. To make the game a little more difficult, you can alter the point values or include a wager to steal your friend’s money.

2. 14-Club Challenge 

This may end up being your favorite golf chipping game, and the rationale isn’t implausible. It will make you think creatively and will make you laugh a lot. Find a challenge partner. You each take a chip and hit it 14 times. To leave the most shots inside three feet of the hole is the objective.

Here’s the highlight of this golf chipping game –

Each and every club in your bag must be used! 

You do indeed hit one chip with each club. How good are your 5-iron chipping skills? Do you know how to play a driver who bumps and runs?

Naturally, you wouldn’t make some of these shots in a real game, but this game will teach you that there are multiple strategies for hitting every chip. Too many golfers make the error of only using a wedge when they could be using another club in their bag.

3. Horse

This one doesn’t require an explanation because it is a masterpiece, but it is still important to note. Each player choose a spot to chip or putt the ball into the hole. The other players must attempt the same shot if the first one succeeds in getting the golf ball in the hole. If the shot is missed, you receive a letter. If you misspell “horse” enough times, you’re out.

The winner is determined by who is left on the course. Horse is all about outplaying your fellow golfers by hitting the wildest strokes you can. If you believe your chipping is better than your putting, you can use this to your benefit to try to defeat your rivals.

If you and your friends don’t have the best short game, you can substitute “pig” for “horse” to speed up the game a bit.

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4. Par 18

The main idea of Par 18 is similar to Dart, but with a new spin. Par 18 includes the component of chipping in addition to putting. Choose nine locations on the green where players will chip and putt their ball into the hole.

Since each hole is a par two, each player must chip their ball onto the green and then putt it into the hole’s target. In contrast to darts, in a round of golf, the player with the lowest score wins. Not only is Par 18 a short game to play with your pals, but it’s also a terrific method to get better at chipping.

5. Ball

Even though it’s straightforward, the game 5 Ball may be the most difficult on our list. Five balls should be scattered around the green at various locations. To score points, you must line up all five balls on the pin. You must retry if you miss putting one of the balls in the hole.

When you sink all five balls in a row, the game is over. You may improve your swing game by playing a game like this. Although challenging, it can serve as the ideal preparation for a full game of golf.

6. Golf Chipping Game Set for Golf

Choosing a Chip-In Challenge is an option. Purchase a Chipping Golf Game Set, such as the MD Set. You’d concur that one of the most thrilling things is chiming in. What prevents you from participating in a chipping game where winning solely involves doing that?

It’s just of obvious from the name. Choose a chip with your friend, and take turns striking it until someone succeeds. Whoever chips in first wins. Choose a fresh shot as soon as someone wins. It can take you some time to make a difficult shot, but when it does, it will be thrilling.

A brand-new mix between cornhole and golf called the MD Sports Golf Chipping Game Set makes for the ideal indoor or outdoor golf chipping game activity. Regardless of skill level, it’s simple to learn and enjoyable.

You may now hold a golf tournament in your backyard during which nine holes will be played, and players of various abilities will fight to win the title of golf chipping champion. When playing the game with your family, at a picnic, while camping, at the beach, or anywhere else, it only takes a few minutes to put it together.

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Golf Chipping Game: Conclusion

Golf chipping game
Chipping Golf

You organize a Friday round of golf with your golfing mates, but you might not have enough time. Everyone is short on time, but you guys have been teasing each other in the group text and need to know who is better. What better way is there to demonstrate your abilities than to compete in a friendly chipping game?

Most golfers spend much of their time on the driving range practicing, paying relatively little attention to their short game. A few short game workouts are designed to reduce your overall stroke count but are a lot of fun when there are bets involved.

Just a few of our favorite golf chipping games are included in this guide, so feel free to scan it again if necessary.


What is the best golf chipping game?

Many would argue that the best golf chipping game is the 14-club Challenge, also known as the 3-foot Circle because you would most definitely utilize every iron in your bag. Others may prefer the Dollar Signs chipping game because you can pin down cash with a number of tees.





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