Golf Cart Insurance Rates (2023)

If you own a golf cart, it’s important to know about golf cart insurance rates. Golf carts are not just used at golf courses anymore, but are now a popular mode of transportation in communities, resorts, and campuses all over the country. In fact, in recent years, golf cart sales have soared, not only in the golfing industry, but also among people who use them for recreational purposes and transportation.

Therefore, it is imperative to understand the concept of golf cart insurance rates and how they impact your wallet. In this article, we will discuss what golf cart insurance rates are, why they matter, how to get a good golf cart insurance rate, and where to find good golf cart insurance rates.

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What are golf cart insurance rates?

The first thing to recognize is that golf carts are generally not covered by traditional car insurance policies. In fact, in many states, golf carts are deemed low-speed vehicles. This means they are subject to different rules and regulations, including insurance rates.

Therefore, golf cart insurance rates are essentially the fees or payments that owners must make to have golf cart insurance in place. This insurance policy covers a range of risks associated with operating a golf cart. It can include liability coverage in case of an accident, theft, damage to the vehicle, or vandalism. The amount of the premium for golf cart insurance can vary depending on the location of the owner, the type and value of the golf cart, and other factors.

Why golf cart insurance rates matter

It’s not just a legal requirement to have golf cart insurance in some areas but also can be a safety precaution. With the increasing popularity of golf carts as modes of transportation, it is essential to ensure you have insurance coverage. Accidents happen, and you don’t want to be held accountable for damages, property losses, or medical bills. And, just like standard car insurance, if you get into an accident without coverage, you’ll be looking at hefty out-of-pocket expenses.

What is the average golf cart insurance rate?

The cost of insuring your golf cart in the US could range anywhere from $45 to $150 annually. The stakes could increase or reduce depending on your location and the nature of use of your golf cart. For example, the average golf cart insurance rate in Florida stands at $75 per annum.

How to get a good golf cart insurance rate

Now that you understand what golf cart insurance rates are and why they matter, the next step is to learn how to find a good rate. Here are a few tips:

– Shop around

Get quotes from multiple insurance providers to compare prices and coverage options.

– Consider a bundled package

Depending on the insurer, you may be able to bundle your golf cart insurance with your car or home insurance, which could lead to a discount.

– Maintain a good driving record

Just like with traditional car insurance, having a good driving record will help you qualify for lower rates.

– Consider safety features

Investing in safety features for your golf cart, such as a roll cage or a seat belt, could lead to lower premiums.

Where to get good golf cart insurance rates?

There are several options for obtaining golf cart insurance:

– Your car insurance provider

Some car insurance companies offer golf cart insurance as an add-on to their policies.

– Standalone golf cart insurance provider

Many insurance providers specialize in offering golf cart insurance only.

– Personal insurance brokers

Insurance brokers can provide useful insight into the various coverage options that are available.


Golf cart owners must be informed about golf cart insurance rates and the importance of having coverage. Before investing in golf cart insurance, it is crucial to determine what type of coverage you need, shop around for quotes, and investigate what options different insurers offer.

Remember to maintain a good driving record, consider bundling options, and opt for safety features to get the best possible premium rates. Keep the above information in mind, and you should be able to select the right coverage and protect your golf cart and yourself from potential losses.

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