Do Soccer Players Wear Cups? [UPDATED 2023]

Soccer is a very athletic sport for sure! But apart from being very energetic, there are other quirky things that interest lovers of the game, such as the question of whether soccer players wear cups!

Why do soccer players wear cups?

Players wear cups to protect their breasts from abuse and minimize the amount of air that can get between the jersey and breast tissue.

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Do soccer players wear cups?

Not all, you see!

Except for goalies, professional soccer players rarely use cups while playing. To protect themselves, young players  do, on occasion, wear cups during youth soccer matches. Soccer players are allowed, but not required, to wear cups. The decision to wear one or not is left up to the individual.

The rules of the game allow for wearing cups because they cannot be viewed as dangerous. Even so, not every player opts to wear one.

Can Soccer Players Play Without Wearing Cups?

And for the question of whether soccer players can play without wearing cups, note that, soccer players do not generally wear cups when playing.

Advantages Of A Soccer Player Wearing Cups 

Some people may say that wearing cups for soccer players is advantageous because it can reduce the risk of getting concussion. Secondly, cups may help to protect the players’ jaws and teeth from hitting the ground too hard during collisions.

Additionally, they can help keep players cooler in hot weather conditions. Finally, many cups are designed to help players stay quieter on the field by providing a degree of noise reduction.

Disadvantages Of A Soccer Player Wearing Cups 

There are some disadvantages of wearing cups for a soccer player.

Firstly, cushioning the breasts and underarms can create chafing and other rubbing problems.

Secondly, cups can also reduce the amount of air that is circulated around the body, which can cause fatigue.

Additionally, cups can slide down during play, which can interfere with movement.

Lastly, cups can get in the way of kicking and passing.


Do Soccer Players Wear Cups

Now, you see that here is no universal answer to the question of whether soccer players wear cups as cup size and style can vary greatly from player to player.

Some players may prefer traditional soccer cups that encase the entire head, others may prefer smaller, more discreet cups that are less likely to be obstructive in game, while others may prefer wearing nothing at all.